There, There

The chill of October is slowly taking over. The last two days have been cold in particular. Autumn and winter are weaving the magic they are famous for during this time of the year. And the cold brings with it the usual desire for sunshine and warmth, remarkably not just on a physical front. 2016 […]

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The sounds of love and silence..

“Sometimes, some things trigger memories so strange and beautiful, that we are rendered speechless. Memories are funny things, they preserve the small moments of our past, forever. ” Tears, a couple of them, rolled down his eyes as he heard these lines play in the movie. It was another morning in that distant city, but […]

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60 Days Mumbai

The last possible way to start writing a post is to be high on 3 cocktails! But well, if Mumbai doesn’t do that do you, then no other city can! Remarkable that after typing the above two lines, I just dozed off and slept happily. I had returned back home after another lovely night at […]

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The Sunday Musings – Hope

“Hope is the heroine of depressed souls” – Not sure if I read this somewhere or was another one of my shitty creations, but I abide by it and I trust it. Hope is one dangerous thing we deal with, every single day. I have, of late,been giving a little more of my time observing […]

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Why? As I sit here, Lonely and lost Drowned in silence while I cry I look back and I ask why? Things have been coming undone And these feelings I can share with none The reason behind this tear And how at times I feel tired of the fake smile I wear Energy is all […]

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