Let’s cut to the chase

Let us cut to the chase, shall we?

At 06:50 a.m. on a lovely morning, having just shuffled between Hyderabad and Mumbai, while still sitting in the waiting lounge, this is the last thing I had on my mind. And while I wait for my host to text me his address, I had ample time to reflect on my Hyderabadi sojourns that had just concluded. They had been 4 beautiful days spent in the company of a very close friend and a very good host. Such visits make you feel glad that you came, but then leave you with a little taste of wanting just a little more. Some people are greedy you see. Anyways, the good part of Hyderabad was not what I am discussing here today. It was the other side of the story – The sad part which I will not be discussing with many people.  When I came to Hyderabad, I was supposed to meet, among many others, a particular friend (Virtual). In fact, the entire visit was planned in a way that I would spend three days around one day of the visit. The meeting didn’t happen for reasons unsaid, and unexplained. After trying to follow up for a couple of days, I think to the point of sounding desperate, I finally gave up. I generally don’t give up on people and maybe that is why I have been really restless about this particular occurrence. Maybe that is why I am writing this down, to get the feeling out of my head.

Ever since I have returned to India following my time in Paris, series of events has led to a sad belief that people here have an utter sense of disrespect for others and their time. In course project groups, that was always the case. It was a habit which everyone had come to accept, the existence of free-riders. But what startled me was how lightly people had started taking people in the context of personal lives too.

To highlight a few of them, I asked a friend to go out for dinner. We decided for a day and then on the day, the particular friend ditched the plan in favor of a plan with others. I felt the excuse was justifiable that there was a plan of section friends and since it is tough to have so many people on a single day, it was better to move our plan. Despite the fact that I had turned down plans, I felt comfortable with the reasoning. We happily decided on another date and that story was settled. Until that day when again the plan was called off in favor of another plan. Now, I don’t have a trouble with plans being repeatedly called off. What I do have a problem with is being taken for granted. Why don’t we cut to the chase and let a person know that either you are not in favor of going or you have some other issue? Why can’t we keep it simple?

In the last one and a half year, I have lost contact with so many people and lost some relations completely that now it has started feeling normal when a person stops responding to texts. It is almost ridiculous, chasing people, expecting them to be kind enough to talk to your face. People no longer uphold commitments and expect people to do so. Well, some don’t. But that doesn’t spare them of anything. It is terrible the way people treat those who try to make time and put effort.

The more honest I have been with people, the more I have seen them distance themselves. Only yesterday I made the fatal error of warning a person to check the tone of sarcasm in her texts. I have been since blocked on her WhatsApp! Hilariously immature behavior. The world seems to have lost all chill.

It isn’t befitting I know, to complain about behaviors like this. But then it has become a huge pain in the ass. If you feel someone is approaching you to the point of feeling like a stalker, address the issue. Maybe the other person is trying to just be nice and not realizing that he/she is overdoing it. It is tough in this world to maintain relations, to hold onto people. So while some in putting in an effort from their side, be honest to them. Let them know so that they can save themselves the pain of unnecessary heartbreak. This makes them question themselves and leads to an overall bad taste.

Stop fooling around with people, please, cut to the chase!

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