Of a Nice weekend, and denouncing Bucket lists

Yaar, Nice chalegi 15th wale weekend? (Friend, will you like to go to Nice on the weekend of 15th of October?)

Oui, Monsieur.

That one Oui led to a quick turn of events, flight tickets, booking  hotel rooms, planning what to do and what not to.

The pre-landing sequence at Nice- Côte d’Azur was fabulous. Watching sea, and its vastness host the sunrise was beautiful to see.

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When you land at Nice, the blue colors take you in! They just take you in.

We- Me and my friend, were coming from Paris, and covered in 3-4 layers of clothing. By the time we figured out how to reach the old town, in 1.5 Euros instead of 6 Euros, we were partially sweating and deeply longing to hit the beach.

What we didn’t know was it would be beach and beach all along. And not just any other beach, a beautiful beach, adored by the shades of Azure on one side, those splendid shades of blue, and their lovely hue. It was well over 30 minutes of walk, and admiring the blue colors, that we decided to hit the beach and loosen some of those woolens.

Reaching the hotel

I had a good little couple of swims in the water before reaching out for our hotel – Hotel Paradis. It’s a 5-minute walk from the beach and that is an actual blessing. The receptionists (All 3 of them) were very Nice. The fact that they could speak English was an added blessing. It was a steal at 15 euros for the night and after relaxing for a while, we went out to eat Soccas and taste the ice-cream at Fenocchio’s. Absolute delight!

Rest of the day was about Swimming in the sea, tasting the salt, roaming the promenade and drinking our way to glory while eating more Soccas.

But this is not why I am writing this post. Nice, for me, will remain a breakthrough weekend journey. I was told about things to do, things to see. There was as always a Bucket list. Fortunately, we managed to taste the things which were there and then there were things which were not even considered. In two days, Nice had shown us the importance of not running everytime. We were tired at the end of the trip but we were not mentally exhausted. The Saturday night was among one of the most beautiful nights we had ever witnessed. Would it have been the same had we gone to our hostel dorm early because we had to check a bucket-list item? I wonder. Well, we didn’t run the next day, instead we roamed around Nice, checked out the port, went to the other side of the city, the non-popular side. We found a cliff with colors that defied vision and enjoyed a lovely afternoon, munching our way to peace.

So comes the question of bucket list. I don’t know if it is good to have one or not? For one, it is important to have a list. But to define everything around that list, everytime? Maybe not how I would like to travel. And so, I feel a little less worried about the items on my bucket list.

In fact, my bucket list is completed. Because my bucket list, for now, doesn’t exist.

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PS: This is not exactly an informative post, not does it suggest something. Nice was a lovely weekend, and this is an attempt at capturing those memories in some words. Here to Nice, and my nice travel companion Priyal (Whom you can see in the slideshow above). This was indeed Nice!



One thought on “Of a Nice weekend, and denouncing Bucket lists

  1. You bring up a really interesting question. I feel like having dreams and goals of doing things is great, but bucket lists seem to imply that not doing those things before we die would make our lives less meaningful. That’s kind of crazy, especially if your bucket list is super long.

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