C’est la vie, as the French say

*Beep beep*

As he glanced over the phone, a familiar name popped up. Well, once a familiar name, if you may say. Things change over the course of a year, a lot of them do.

“I am relocating to London, moving out in 2 weeks”

This sentence would have made his eyes light up in another world. Today, he was in the present and thus the sentence made no difference what so ever. Life has come a long for him in the past year. Things which once made a world of difference now go unnoticed. C’est la vie, as the French say.

His move to Paris was frozen around this time last year – 13th October to be precise. It wasn’t a good day. Rather, it was a horrible day, rejections in a go by McKinsey & Co, Boston Consulting Group and Accenture had done their bit to take the sheen off of everything he had done for the last 3 months. Valuable lessons and an admit to the Double-Degree program at ESCP in Paris were the things he had from the day until he stumbled upon this piece of beauty:


His closest ally had left this in his room, not knowing if he will be happy or not when he read that. A lot had happened in the day, happiness, he felt, had evaded him one more time. The walk they took that night, even if small, was a welcome change. He was thankful for her company that night, he is thankful still. But once back to his room he didn’t have it in him to cry again. It was like December 01,2012 but without those tears. C’est la vie, as the French say.

A year on from there, life has changed in many ways. The familiar face is no longer familiar. Only yesterday the last nail has been hammered. Remarkable that it took 8 months for this to come. Eventually, it had to come and it has, fortunately.

Turning 25 has changed his views on life. There is a weird sense of indifference which surrounds him now. Some confuse it with him becoming relaxed, chill, mature! Sadly, indifference often comes across as same. A trashed, dirty kitchen makes no difference, for all hope has been lost. The same can be said for his home, and maybe his life. There comes a point when you stop putting in efforts to improve others. At that time, you have to focus on doing what’s good for one’s ownself, and let the parasites benefit if they can. There is not enough time to worry about the parasites. Smile with them if the need be, and get on with it.

The mornings in Paris are colder these days, much like him. Among the more engaging features which Facebook has introduced in recent days, are the memories feature. This morning, he woke up to these lines, written on 12th October 2012:

Fairytales, Sweet but short

Rejoice in them while they are

Savour the memories once the tales are gone,

and simply move on!

Here’s to trying to move on, here’s to failing at doing so and yet trying on.

Here’s to 13th October 2015, the failures and everything else about it.

C’est la vie, as the French say


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