There, There

The chill of October is slowly taking over. The last two days have been cold in particular. Autumn and winter are weaving the magic they are famous for during this time of the year. And the cold brings with it the usual desire for sunshine and warmth, remarkably not just on a physical front.

2016 continues to be the emotional roller coaster, demonstrations of which were on display for the months from January to May, and have continued post-June, into July, August, and September. And like a roller coaster, it has had its lovely sides too. Some of the experiences of the year have been funny, some lovely, mostly memorable, seldom forgetful.

There are many questions which have stayed unanswered, and some of them I wish were never asked in the first place. The usual sine curve of relations is going along the usual too. More on the trough side. And as it usually happens with me, this post stems out from a thought on those relations which a year back were so close, and now non-existential.

A recent glance at someone’s photos on Instagram posts (Screw my life that I too have been sucked into the usual Instagram depression cycle apparently) brought out some old familiar names out. Ever since I have been wondering how the distances have become so profound that it gets a little too much to even wonder to text. But a thought to the past and life brings a good thought – Relations which are not meant for the long term are better off ending soon. Lesser the memories, lesser the pain later. And this chaos in the head is what makes life altogether funny and weird. Sometime the little memories you have created with some people come back, and sadly, all they do is haunt you. From that stems a desire to stay disconnected from people, not letting them come close, so that when they leave, the pain is less.

But in all this ever increasing cycle of distances, some important people feel far, far again. And sadly, it’s the disconnect with them that hurts. And then, it’s just the thoughts and memories of them, and the lingering after-taste.. Life, oh Life! 🙂

As the sunshine begins to decrease,

and the warm breezes begin to cease,

Winter’s here,

Those who mattered are far instead of being near,

And it’s just me telling my heart

There, there!

Time is flying by,

Paris soon too will be a memory,

Once, I felt like part of people’s life

Sometime now, just a mere accessory

And yet there is something to take away

Something positive,

The thought of someone’s going away doesn’t scare

For those today far were once heart’s beat

They were once near,

And now it’s just me telling my heart

There, there!

Written on a cold Parisian evening, as a try at breaking loose again…


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