60 Days Mumbai

The last possible way to start writing a post is to be high on 3 cocktails! But well, if Mumbai doesn’t do that do you, then no other city can!

Remarkable that after typing the above two lines, I just dozed off and slept happily. I had returned back home after another lovely night at the Irish Pub, an amazing hangout spot in Lower Parel. It was my last sip of alcohol in Mumbai, and I had, for all I could, enjoyed it to the core.Mumbai happened to me after 3.5 long months in a city in Europe which goes by the name of Paris. And it was worth the wait, worth all those silent tears, worth all those long meaningless walks…

I was fortunate to have found a place to stay quick enough in Mumbai, and that too, close enough to my office. Matunga road station became my home-station and the drive from there to Elphinstone in Lower Parel became the routine for a good part of the next 60-days. Rest was all about friends, the ones I had missed, yearned for, all those months in Paris. And about some people who became closer as the days weaned on. Also, cats came into my life as those beautiful companions which made Mumbai all the more special.

This post is to remember those wonderful moments, which will remain etched, and whose taste, as and when it wears off, will be cherished, for a long time.

Week 1 – The Catching up – Surprises, birthdays, a new office, a change of lifestyle, a beautiful gathering at a darling’s place and all those tears which had been held back for a while

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Week 2 – Settling in, Intern work started coming, lovely meetings, birthdays, celebrations and a walk I will remember forever

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Week 3 – The secret highlight of not only Mumbai, but my life; football – FA Cup, solo sojourns, and the office work

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Week 4 – Tejas’s birthday, a collage that came out fair enough, of love over food, drinks, with friends and bae

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Week 5 – A lovely dinner, some beautiful friends, some not so memorable drinks and loads of introspection

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Week 6 – Of the best dinner in Mumbai, farewells and start of the lonely ordeal amidst the beautiful Mumbai Rains

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Week 7 – Clueless nights, and clueless days, showing a visitor around and reminiscing alone – at office and at home

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Week 8 – Rains, office, office, and an awkward meeting

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Week 9 – Finale, farewells and heading home

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But beyond the weeks and behind them too are the people I owe all these beautiful memories to! And no post is complete without letting them know about that.


Superlatives will fail if I try enough and hence there is not point in writing long. You know how much your presence meant to me and hence won’t stretch that either. For being the companion on all those lovely evenings, ranging geographically from Palghar to Marine drive, with two beautiful dinners cooked by aunty, and for being there to help me get back to my usual self, words will never be enough. I would have chosen Delhi in all other circumstances. Not making this about you, but we both know why I chose Mumbai. Glad that Mumbai happened, glad that the friend behind it happened.


The Craziest person alive in Mumbai during those two months. I wonder what would have those nights been had you not been there? I would have had tasted 50% of what I did had you not been there! And you kept me going crazy! I will never forget those dancing drunk nights and the sober ones! Marine drive, food, football, friendship! Cheers to you Mr. Panda! Damn, you are something special!


Will I ever be able to thank you enough? That one friend I take all liberties with, all those extreme leg pulling! Thanks for making all those meetings happen, for letting me live a little fantasy I had been dreaming for months. For the best walk I had in Mumbai, for the company on evenings I was unsure of handling myself alone, for being a lovely friend, whenever I needed! *Hugs*


Tejas, Diwakar, Nirali, Isha, Bala, Surabhi, Aman, Suyash, Sourav, Harsh, Apoorvi – I am sorry I am not taking enough time to write on each one of you! It is just that I am not wanting to make this the usual boring posts I write. Know that you guys were there for me to help out and the memories with some of you – Cakes, birthdays, Marine drive sojourns, Drinks, smoke, football and a lovely get-together at Palghar- are things I will take away with me when I return to Paris for one last term. I hope that together, we can be able to relive these memories in the future.




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