As I sit here,
Lonely and lost
Drowned in silence while I cry
I look back and I ask why?

Things have been coming undone
And these feelings I can share with none
The reason behind this tear
And how at times I feel tired of the fake smile I wear

Energy is all now drained
A lot from my eyes has since rained
When I took the decision, was I high
The single that rolls down asks me why?

In this world, ever connected, we are so far
You can tell from the fact that no one walks in
Even if the door to you heart
Yes that window is left ajar

In this mystic land, life was good
The days longer and the night young
Of those parties and the songs we sung
I wish to take back that decision if only I could!

For now, there is the melody of Mumbai and its rains
There are friends but in distant plains
The heart feels a lot
And it cries out those pains!
Now, everytime I see it cry
It looks at me and asks me why?


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