How to be a jerk!

Apparently, when angry one should avoid writing. But then, anger drives a side of you which makes you push! Push the energy which has been pent up in the head! So that makes it the best time to write!

My life is as big a confusion for me as the lines above! Today I got my first dose of how quickly things go wrong in Mumbai! Hard reality check! Since I write this from the local, I am still amidst the reality check.

So what did I just learn from this massive screw up?

1. That I am not learning my lessons!
This isn’t the first time I have gone ahead thinking of X and ended up tasting X-inverse! But that it happens in that way and it still hurts me that hard is what is a cause of concern! Something needs to be done!

2 . I continue to be an optimistic, overconfident jerk
Well, this one is funny. Optimism is not bad, as long as the proportion assigned to realism is not neglected completely. When it comes to Kanav Mahajan, I wonder if ever there is a sense of realism in any proportion? Everytime I simulate scenarios, I make a mess of it and then Point 1. Repeats!

3. Healing is a slow process
If you ask me, I am strong person. Atleast in my eyes I am. But then I am not as strong as I think I am. Read point 2 again if you seek an explanation!
So when I feel I can handle the storms and tornadoes of emotions that continue to encompass my existence, I grossly miscalculate my abilities!
The fact that I write this triggered by a wave of hard hitting emotions is an example. Healing is a slow process my friends, so if you read this, then
1. Either don’t let any person hurt you to the point of needing healing
2. Since 1. is not ever applicable in my case, learning to deal with it! (#Dealwithit)

Lame jokes aside, one should respect ones life enough to know that once broken, there is a time one needs to be completely ok. Be willing to give that time.

So, in most likely of cases you must have read this because I must have sent you the link to a very “Candid” blog!
My apologies to you for having put your through this trauma and brutal strangulation of literature.

The answer to how to be a jerk is simple. Be high on emotions, think everything will work out. Not be sure of what you are doing and why! Have an inability to hide emotions. Be and act dumb! Ruin day, of yourself and of others!

No fancy signing off messages today..
A stupid post written on a stupid evening while traveling back from Andheri to Marine drive, completed at Marine lines while being made to wait!


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