Distances impact our lives, for sure

Distances impact our lives, for sure

Started off with smiles,
Friendships, that blossomed by the hour
Those which came in silently
Like soft winds from a window ajar

All those classes
Never ending hours, yet so much fun
Infinite project meetings,
So many talks, and still no work 100% ever done

As I sit here, glancing back
I see those times no more
Well, distances
Yes, distances, they do impact our lives for sure

Midterms, end terms
Oh those beautiful nights
Those burgers, bottles of thumbs up
Cheesy Paranthas and those wonderful bites

13th October, yes, that was the start of it
I had full faith though,
In that little lamp I had lit
Although what the present holds, who would have thought a bit?

Lying here on this Wednesday night,
Numb in the head, numb inside
Silencing the selfish self
Trying to understand these friendships more
Distances, all these miles,
Distances, they impact our lives, for sure!

– Kelp Maverick

In memories of friendships which have gone missing, in sands of time! And a tribute to the ones which have survived the aging of time!

Of growing up, letting the expectations be, broken or not. Been always my weakness, these expectations, but I am going to give them another shot! 🙂



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