Aie jaate hue lamhon, Zara thehro, Zara thehro

Let’s start with the simple thing – The meaning of the title – “Oh, the passing moments of time, kindly hold, kindly hold” – Literally requesting the sands of time to hold on for a bit more

With so much happening in life, you can’t help but think how you are going to deal with this with the limited quota of 24 hours per day allotted to you as a human. While I write this post, I have already spent 2 months in Paris, which means 25% of the time I have earned is already finished.

A lot has gone under the bridge in the little duration I have been here. The changing facades of life haven’t been all that pleasing if you ask. I have dealt with some of them better than I had ever expected myself to and then some others have knocked me out in a blow or two. C’est la vie. I am glad, though, that life has brought me to Paris. It has given me all the more time to think and decide what I have wanted to do with my life. With that emanates this desire to have time freeze itself.

Rarely does life bring you in contact with people who make you feel at home instantly. You get hours with them, sometimes even days. If you are really lucky, you get some months, maybe some years. And then, life tells you to wrap your stuff, say your good-byes and get going. If only you can ever have enough of the people and their memories. Time flows faster with every second and before you know, they are gone, long out of sight. The tears dry up quick and what is left of them is the memories – of the smiles, of the walks, of chatter till the night oil finishes and of the sunsets witnessed together. If only you could freeze time while all that is happening. If only time could cease for a while, while all that is happening. If only

Look at my journey over the past 9 months – I quit a job, I spent two great terms at IIM Lucknow and in equivalence of my friends there, I have finished the third one, if you count the time I have spent already in Paris. And in the equivalent of one term, I have all but lost the bonds I made in the previous two terms. Time is a cruel entity. Out of sight, out of mind. Yes, it works! Makes me admire it, the more I hate.

Then, about my life in Paris. It is becoming seemingly visible that by the time I will leave this city, I’d be in love with everything that is coming with it. Barring some clear troublesome things (Living and non-living), everything else seems ok. There is a sense of independence, a sense of individuality which I have long desired. It has been 2 months today, now the clock starts to run in the wrong order.

Seemingly, I have had time for many things, procrastination amongst front-runners, but my writing. The results of such a duration are visible in this blog post.

For now, I just have a desire to live as much as I can, because as much as I may long for, time isn’t stopping – Not for me, Not for you my friend, and not for anyone else.


PS: I want to dedicate this post to a colleague of mine who is no longer amongst us – Amlaan Lenka. Wherever you are brother, I hope you still smile the same way. Your politeness was lovely, and I am sorry for what life has done. We all miss you, in some way or the other.



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