Nimisha Sankhe – An ally, a confidant, a friend

This post is dedicated to someone who lived through all my globe, had to bear me and my nonsense most of the time, and did so without even crying, shouting and rebuking once. To a friendship I cherish deeply, to Sankhe!


When I came up with the stupid idea of writing testimonials for all of my section mates and other friends at IIM Lucknow, the first person for whom I had to think what I’d be writing one was you! For me, this simply defines what you have been for me over the past half a year (or more) – My immediate go-to person, the first person I’d think of in all situations life would throw (mostly) and easily my most trusted friend in the campus. Seems like only yesterday, when we had DDG’s market research visit, and that hide & seek walk with a camera without a memory card in the campus. Those were little moments that helped us get going, but I guess time made things happen for the good.

Those initial days of friendship I guess must have been weird, but you being you, I guess I never really understood when you hated having me around and when you didn’t. Surprisingly, this bit hasn’t changed much yet; I still continue to be the leech, the chep (add cheap as) and you the full of patience person.

But what probably makes a good friendship stick is that it has its shares of stupidities and yet it just gets better. Remember the CV evening? Won’t lie, but somewhere it still feels bad. Probably I thought of myself as too good a friend back then, but it hurt on that day and (I guess) it hurts till date. Such was its impact that I learned to put a little more brain into my activities so that I don’t do that to myself and anyone else again. And given that I know you a bit better now, I still wonder if you would show it to me by yourself (because, I will take it this time by force :P)

There have been some other downs I guess, all those abuses around you without realizing as much that it wasn’t the best of things to do, the trying not to talk much experiment (Partly contributed by the fire of the above-mentioned incident). I admit to having been a dork all through it, but that being said, I just continue to be a bit more informed dork. Well, I guess, that’s just me.

Cutting the negatives down, let’s talk about the good times, the crazy times!

Section parties – You were my drinking partner (Ab who will come over and check on me? *Sob*). My project partner – I knew the whole world would be against me, but you won’t turn me down (Partly because you felt hard to say no :P). My language partner – Hindi, English and the 2500 INR waste French. My food partner – Can’t even count the number of meals we have had together, during the days, the evenings and the nights. Your crazy love for coffee was addictive – It has me hooked on! Man, too many things to put in a small blog. It’s overwhelming of thinking about the times we have shared now, I miss you more with every word I type.

I won’t say Thank you to you, it undermines all that you have been for me. I am a deeply religious person, and it is in friends like you that I find my blessings. You mentioned I was the most hormonal of your close friends, well, you are the most patient one amongst mine! I agree that there were times when I invaded a lot of your personal space (Easily the most among anyone at IIM Lucknow) and that probably would have taken a lot of patience to deal with all that chepness. I won’t apologize for that though. I guess that’s who we both truly are, and I am happy that we have played our parts honestly. I am a deceptive person and I am just happy that for once I needed no masks!

What else do I say? I could have written it along with the other testimonials, but then, it is not how you’d like it. For you emotions are a private thing and hence I have kept this like it is. Anyone who would want to read it would have to go through you! (Yay :D)

You mentioned several roles in Garfield, well, for that I want to thank you only (Ek to banta hai). Had you rebuked me, turned me down and not accepted me, all that would not have been possible. Not sure if I were of much utility, but I got so much from you that it is amazing, every time I think about it. I have no idea of how life would have been had you not been there, standing beside me, supporting me, cheering me up, listening to my agonies and allowing me to be your friend.

Keeping it short, I’d just like to say that you are someone whose values I deeply respect and admire. It is just out of my stupid nature that I keep telling you what I feel is not correct. It is probably because I don’t trust the world to be any good and maybe I fear you too may lose your faith, which shouldn’t ever happen. You are bound for greatness, and I want to be there to see that happen.

There was a message I had as a teen and it read something like – Years ahead, you’d be standing somewhere and doing something great, and the world would be watching. In that crowd, I’d be standing, proudly telling my kids that look at the person up there – She’s my friend!” Well, I never imagined of any other friend ever,  but you reminded me of those lines and for me, that’s what I hope for in my life – For I know, whatever you achieve will be great!

Chal bas, zyada ho gaya content. Itna expect nahin kiya tha likh dunga. But then, no amount of words I mince will ever be enough. Just want you to know that I miss you here – Loads, in more moments than I thought I would (*sob*). I miss your eyes, your rare talks, your room, the walks, and the irritating behavior of mine and everything else that went with it.

Whatever you do, stay happy beautiful! I look forward to seeing you in May, cat lady!

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With wet eyes and loads of love,

Your hormonal, chep friend – Kannav

PS: I still have gas issues and that every time you read *sob* above, I couldn’t stop the tears.


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