The Thank yous’ – feat Nestle

A month on, I guess it is time to close this one sweet chapter. It would have always been incomplete without taking out time away from these people to remember what they did for me! Doesn’t need saying that I miss these people. So, without further ado, let it flow –

Preksha Bapna – Among many relations I took away from Nestle, maybe the one I shared with you will be right there at the top. I will remember the first DOR, the first tea session, the first time you assigned me a task! Your sweetness always made me come up to you with all my problems. The patience with which you would hear me out day in, day out is something I will remain glad for. The trials, Nanjangud, Goa, Tahliwal, all of them were all the sweeter because of you. Pulling your leg used to be the thing at times. (I don’t mind that even a little bit). In you I found a colleague, a friend and a sister. Your marriage was another highlight. I cannot even imagine how I would have packed my stuff without you & Meera. I miss you and I wish to work with you again, someday! Thank you for being so sweet, so calm! You are amazing!

Ankur Goyal -My holy recruiter. For that one year I shared the flat with you, I knew I had someone always looking over me. You would always have a solution for everything. And when you didn’t, you had that strangely spiked level of confidence. I cannot imagine life at Nestle without you. The parties, sherlock, ass kicking, gossips, BEER and what not! Gaining on together, then hitting the gym together, then again the repeat! Life was fun when you were there! And despite the big gap in between, glad that we did manage to keep things going. Wish you all the success at Standford! Let them have a taste of what a non-consultant, non-venture capitalist can do!

Prashanth Cheruku Reddy – I no longer believe in the term best friend. But if I had anything close to that during my time at Nestle, it was you! One person who would understand the anguish and at the same time show how to stand up for what one believed as being right. Your levels of knowledge were amazing to see and your nature remarkably brilliant. More than anything, I miss your one-liners and the subtle punches! Thanks for everything Dr. Reddy

Sudha madam – Thank you won’t be enough for the efforts you have put to make life of us people easier. I am not sure on who’s all behalf I say this, but without you, it would be hard to imagine many things being getting done. Your soft demeanor made you extremely easy to reach out to and it will be something that will stay with me for long! Thank you for helping out, listening over and for all the care and attention! Miss you! 🙂

Joan Federico: Lady Federico – My rap partner, my perverted talk partner, “Phillipino, Phillipino” (I know it is with an F, but this is more classy), a mentor, along with Bapnowski my travel partner. All those tales of travel, the BEST lemon coriander soup, the hygienist, the Moga one and what not! Tahliwal’s honey Singh moment, and so many iPhone moments! They will always last! Taj Mahal too happened with you! Partner in many a crimes, you and Preksha will always remain close! Wish you good luck in all the journeys ahead! You have tons to achieve! Take good care – “Phillipino”

Chummery ke balak: Rakesh ji, aapkobi I will count here only. Tewari Bacha, Gagan ji, Krishnaaaa, Mahesh – Guys, you were my family away from home! For all those lovely evenings, the royalstags, the single malts, the chicken tikkas, Raju ki absenteeism se pareshaani, bills to collect and bills to share.Paise de do,paise de do ka rona! Amazing moments! Memories I will never forget! Never! Pool lessons, the new pool sticks, the football matches, the movies, office gossip. Thank you for all those sweet joys, the birthdays, the snacks. You guys were an essential part of Nestle!

Charu – I will always remember you as my first friend at Nestle and my first foodie friend! I have no clue what I would have done in Gurgaon in those initial days without your company. All that pagalpan wasn’t befitting of our age but was always worth it! I really don’t have the right set of words to thank you, for your help in crucial times I can never really thank enough. I regret not having being able to attend your wedding, but I know you understand. Stay the sweet, cheerful self! May success find you in a grand way soon! Take good care of yourself and Jiju! 😉

Meera – Well, with some people, it takes a little time. But then, it is worth it. I remember your first week in the bus, the time when I started pulling your leg till the time when eventually we guys started hanging out. You brought a pacifying change in me. I understand people a little more because of the time spent with you. You are a great person and I wish you to always keep looking up. Thank you for all the plans, for bringing people together and above all for bearing with all my nonsense. Not many have had to deal with it the way you had to! Looking forward to hitting downtown again, soon!

Женя – Принимая помощь переводчика на это, поэтому, пожалуйста, прости ошибки. Не совсем уверен, слов, но одно можно сказать наверняка, очень немногие люди оставили такой выразительный влияние на меня, как у вас есть. В период, когда меня можно было холодно, вы помогли мне увидеть хорошее в мире, хорошо в меня. Это то, что я никогда не забуду! С тех!
Спасибо за все замечательные воспоминания!

До следующей встрече. – господин Канаь

Aunty and Anu di: Now, before we rush to conclusions here, you were a direct Nestle impact. And dare I forget how big one at the same. I hardly remember ever having spent Lohri with such zeal than the two times which I spent with you and aunty. Those roasted sweet potatoes, the beers, the cakes, the dinners, the talks,infact more talks, the discussions, random catching ups, philosophies and what not. Glorious days, glorious years. The relation developed with you guys is something I have and will continue to cherish and will forever stay among the best things that happened in past two years.

Special mentions: Ashwini, Kailash, Basha, Ian, Amit – Guys, my time with you were limited to little excerpts but nonetheless it had its sheer of fun! The laughter, the jokes, the random wisdom, everything had its moment and I can’t be more thankful to you guys for keeping patience with me and for giving me a chance of enjoying your company. All the best for everything that life throws at you! May the force be with you all.

To many others who were part of this story but haven’t been mentioned by me here, thank you for your contributions. Probably at some other cross road in life we will get a chance to interact further and get to know each other better!



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