The Sunday Musings – Decisions!

After the roller coaster, the break deems itself fit for these words to be written down.

There have been extreme rarities in life when I have found myself speaking to myself and asking what am I up to. Why? Because I never really think too much about my actions. Most of what I do is spontaneous and doesn’t require much brain. Probably that is why I come across as a retard to many! But that we can pick up later.

The past week of my life has involved so much running around that I have hardly had time to think what I was doing and why! It was the first year of undergraduate all over again! Whether I screwed up that badly or not, time will tell. But this week did make me think a lot, listen to many people a lot before taking all my calls, before ‘Deciding’

Funny things, decisions. They have the power to change everything about our lives, our existence. I decided to play basketball with my spectacles and they got shattered. I decided to not listen to some people, listen to others and ended up in a fix.

The most impactful moments of our lives have one thing is common apart from us, the decisions we made in those moments! Decisions are tough, but decisions are altogether liberating. Sometimes you let your head take them, sometimes it has to be the heart!

Our decisions make us what we are! They epitomize all of our realities and deserve to be stood by, once taken!

Decisions, well, they are just about everything….

To be fair, I did take many thought-over decisions in this past week, activities to pursue, activities to let go! I hope I live to tell my own self about the impact those decisions have made in my life, looking back. Things which I could have given more time to but ended up having given less of it. Maybe I could have done other things a little better, maybe!

Deep inside, my decisions this week taught about the liberation effect I have written above. They brought me a sense of strange comfort. In this rat race, where many of us just keep running blindly, full steam ahead, sometimes stepping aside and enjoying the sun beam through the clouds has its own share of joys. Quitting doesn’t make me a loser, it is what I do afterward that does. Or maybe, it isn’t about winning or losing. It is about just enjoying the simplicities of life and that is indeed a cherishable experience..

As I proceed to my one month at IIM Lucknow, I am pretty sure of at least one thing. I did need to return to college again! I do feel a new sense of energy, but the inefficiencies persist. Maybe, I will be able to take some wise decisions regarding those as well, sooner than later!




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