The Sunday Musings – Goodbyes!

Well, if you have stayed in touch with me, you’d known this would be coming!

I am a touchy person! My parents know that! My mother sometimes likes to go all sexist on me! My friends know that and they too behave the same! But that is me!
I get attached to people and places quickly! This has been the case, no matter how much I might have complained about any place! Every single time!

Hence, the goodbyes have been and remain till date, a fearful entity for me! (I guess they are terrible for everyone)

It is similar to what I used to feel on the bus journey from Nestle till home every day. When the bus would start from office, initially I would be a little uncomfortable. I would move a little in my seat, fiddle with my leg positions before eventually settling down. Then somewhere in the middle of the journey I would get comfortable and sleep off. And, when the time would come to get up and leave, I felt sad!

Yes, it actually was the scenario, every day on which I managed to catch up on sleep.

I suppose this sums up the story of goodbyes in a pretty much simple manner.

It takes so much time and effort to get used to a place and settle down. It takes more time to get to know people, earn their respect, adjust to them, bring about changes in one’s personality to ensure a bit of everything I have mentioned above. But no sooner do the things start setting in motion, the roads diverge. These are choices which we all make in life, choices which eventually make all the difference. But these are the choices which maybe some of us wish we didn’t have to make! (Not sure if I am sounding sane at this moment or not)

This time I have been saved a little grace because of the hectic schedule under which I made my farewell from one city to another, from a corporate entity to an educational entity. There were very few tears (which either mean I have actually grown up or maybe I have grown hard), and there were even people whom I missed bidding farewell to. Nonetheless, those faces, those cubicles, the good times, the not so good times continue to be a part of me, somewhere, deep inside!

I will wrap this up with these lines

Parting is all we know of heaven and all we require to know of hell


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