Whom are we trying to fool?

Recently a famous brand of ready to eat, cookable, 2-minute noodles has been embroiled in a major controversy over the presence of monosodium glutamate (MSG) and excessive levels of lead! Even when I write, tests are ongoing at several sites, being carried out by the involved company and by the authorities independently of each other. Time will tell what the results will come out as, but our glorious INDIAN MEDIA has already declared its next victim as guilty and handed out the verdict! And what we as a nation of people hungry for scapegoats did? We just took the media shit and licked it – Top, middle and bottom!

I am almost appalled by this and yet maybe not so much surprised.


Appalled because this is something people had been eating for decades, a name as synonymous with all households as Coke, lays are! Yet, it takes just some allegations, without any results being declared openly, without anything being told about the analysis methodology! Basically without any proper trials if you may like to think of this in terms of legal analogy! Some started crying over the presence of MSG as if it was some weapon of mass scale! Little did the ignorant one know that MSG is a key ingredient in many of the naturally occurring vegetables including tomato and peas! (Refer to the image)

To ban it (as one state has already done) on the basis of  the presence of natural MSG is almost stupid!



As for lead, the allegations have been about its percentages! Well, if you only do as much as analyse the Tastemaker only instead of analysing the entire cake + Tastemaker, the percentages will change as much as 10 folds! So what do we know of before we are firing these rounds and running about in euphoria as if some discovery worthy of the Nobel has been made!

But why isn’t this surprising?

Because we are a nation of psychophant cynics, waiting to pounce at an opportunity thrown by our imperious media to devour on something which they feel is not right! Kill a human in this country and people won’t even bat an eye, instead as much as running to support the person, with some even justifying the act! The media won’t banish them! Why should it?

It is like a stark reminder from the movie The dark knight in which the joker says:

You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain

But in India it comes with a catch – It is the media which declares whether you are the villain or not!

And on top of this, it is that we always get the priorities wrong!

This is a from a report on the lead content in drinking water in some of the Indian cities:


Courtesy https://www.lead.org.au/lanv10n1/lanv10n1-5.html

But have you heard any media talk about it?

A brand of noodles, which is not consumed even of a weekly basis by the majority allegedly contains lead has been banned. Too bad that is was not consumed daily like water, else it might have survived 🙂

So my question,”Whom are we trying to fool here?”

I don’t remember any such thing happening when it was independently found out that a category of soft drinks contained pesticides, despite the volumes being staggering and results being totally conclusive! Forget that, it has been not even talked about ever since! (Not that it justifies the allegations if they come out to be true!)

We love finding scapegoats, lynching them publicly, with or without any evidence! That is all we are good for! People wearing unhygienic clothes, living in terribly dirty conditions, prone to smoking – actively and passively, used to drinking alcohol and dirty water on daily basis will tell you not to consume a particular brand of noodles!

You commit an act of treason in this country, leading to actual deaths and you are a superstar!

You drink, get drunk, run your car over people killing them and nobody really gives a damn!

You cut 1 lakh trees, reducing a polluted city’s green cover by 10% (Yes, 10% in absolute terms) and hardly a question is raised!

But – You claim to have found traces of a metal, already present in amazingly dangerous proportions in drinking water and all hell breaks loose!

The question remains – Whom are we trying to fool?

Disclaimer: These views are my personal views and have nothing to do with the claims of the concerned organisation, concerned authorities! Any similarity with these is purely coincidental and unintended!


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