The Thank you’s!

This has been one of the posts that I wrote in the summer of 2013, days after leaving IIT Delhi for good. I would have liked to tweak a word or two, but then, why not let it be?

It has been  a couple of days since a very long chapter (if 6 years are considered so) has come to an almost close. 6 years that have seen the guy inside me transform into someone completely different, even though many of my ghosts of the past still haunt me (in a positive sense). And I can safely say that there have been many people without whom the last 6 years spent in the campus and in Kota, would have been much less memorable and without whom life itself would have been incomplete. So I’ll take this opportunity to thank as many of them as I can (again safely assuming that I’m bound to miss some, but deep inside I’m thankful to all)

So here it goes:

Pooja Sehgal

For reminding me the importance of goodness, kindness, honesty, faithfulness towards others and towards one’s own conscience. For showing me how much important a single good person is and how much difference that person can make in this world. Thank you for transforming the way of life, for putting up with infinite stupidities and despite all the shortcomings, for being my Best friend. And a thanks for being the single best teacher I had a chance to be a student of in the campus and for teaching me the importance of sticking to the work till it is done. I owe my Graduating GPA, the brilliant change in attitude and the friendships of electrical, my love for south Indian food, the chance of having had meals in so many places, the legendary voyages etc all to you! Thank you for being the difference.

Prateek Mahesh Kulhari

Who would have known Manchester United would be such a changing factor in my life? Since the 3rd day in Kota, you have been one of the better people I have come across and beyond any doubt one of my best friends. Thank you for all those years of patience and hearing me day in day out. I will never forget the amazing memories of 1-MA-31, Vigyan Nagar  nor will I ever forget attending the courses with you. They were the experience a guy always yearns for – riskfree joking and watching your friends pull off stunts others never had or will have the balls to! And as I said, 6 years of memories are in a way just too much to write down here, for the simplest fact that the first two years have been you and you all through! Thanks for being there buddy, when life was lonesome journey and thanks for staying the same Chutiya despite everything life has brought. And Apologies for stirring the Hornet’s nest. You know the attention whore I am. 😉

PS : Hum na sudhrenge, ukhadlo jo ukhadna hai 😀

Apeksha Mehta

This was missing and long due. You know despite whatever happened between us – The misunderstandings, the long silence, one thing has remained the same – Our friendship! It has remained untouched (As the months proceeding the end of the silence have shown) and it feels nice to have people who are always just a call away! Like Prateek, you defined Kota! You made the experience there easier. And I don’t know if it hadn’t been for you what rank IIT-JEE would have had in store for me. I have learned so much from you in terms of attitude, things in life that I sometimes can’t even comprehend what would it had been otherwise! Dost, thank you for all those things which I never could say Thank you for. I always look back to Kota with a wonderful feeling of Joy! And you are right there at the top among the reasons! 🙂

Pandey ji, Rohil, and Poopsi

Well, the last one year has been much dedicated to you idiots. Imagining how different things would have been if you hadn’t chosen me as a part of the preparation group is seriously beyond my wildest comprehensions. Thank you guys for accepting me as I am/was and for being the best of friends one can have around. Thank you all for being you!

Pandey ji

Will miss you laughter a lot. It was one of the brightest things on the dullest of days. You can bear me like no one else can and I’ll stay grateful, always, for this.


Thanks for being ever so calm despite all my attempts to get emotions out of you! You (along with Akshay) are seriously the “No-BAL” guys around. Thanks a lot for the Temple Company you gave. It’ll always stay as one of the finest trips ever

Sunay Gupta

For you buddy, I just want to say you have been almost the single best organizer I have ever had a chance of working with. Your way of handling people and things is phenomenal and I have had one of the most amazing experiences because of that. Thank you for everything buddy, everything!

Kara IP

Words will fall short here. Thank you for all the things, every one of them. The 4 years are impossible to imagine without you guys. Thanks for being such a wonderful bunch of batchmates.

Kara batti

It has been a great period since I started interacting more with you guys and it has been an ultimate pleasure knowing every single one of you guys. The last one year, I have grown more socially open and have had a chance of getting to know more people all thanks to you guys. You are a great bunch and I will make sure we always stay in touch.

Akshay Mittal

Thank you will be something that will always be less for what all you have done for me buddy. Of all things, I’ll always consider the chance of being your batchmate, your project partner and your neighbor as an absolute honor and will always seek inspiration from what you are. (Will tweak the psyche hone wala part a little) The nights spent in your room drinking Thumbs up, Carlsberg, Tuborg, BP, JD, WATER, discussing girls, life, academics, seeking answers to as much weird things as possible, searching for wallpapers (HD) and learning the art of keeping things ordered will always remain one of the most cherished memories. Mini P travelogues to Chandni Chowk will also remain close to my heart for the amount of ‘fruitful’ discussion we use to have on the way and back. You have been by far the sharpest person I have ever met and coupled with your humility, the only one of your kind. I’ll always cherish the chance of working with you again, sometime in the near future. Thanks for everything buddy, thanks a ton! And apologies for actually irritating you quite often

Dhruv Agarwal

You remember at the station you told me that I had become a good friend in a very less time. Believe me, it is because you are a gem of a person. I’ll always remember you for the sweetest of talks and for serious as well as non-serious discussions regarding topics ranging from Academics till Akshay Mittal. The Tang lemon flavor would always remind me of you for how you would subtly hint and say,” TAAANG” I’ll always remember you to be someone who made sure that the batch of 2013- Electrical Engineering had the time of their lives. Will miss the random meetings with you as well. Thank you for being so straight forward and unassuming. It was a breath of freshness and I’ll always remember that. Just make sure ki FB pe I expect replies as well! 😀

Utsav Kaushal

Greetings, Bakchodi, Drama acts, conspiracy hatchings and the list goes on and on. I will always remember you for the infinite amount of fun, your brilliant MAL notes, and the sessions of Love Guru Fundas. Thanks for all the wonderful talks buddy. The tenure here would have been unbelievably dull without them. And you are one of the finest mimics in the house. Keep honing thy skills buddy and you’ll continue to entertain many others like me in the years to come. You are a great person and your social manners and etiquettes are worth applauding. And buddy, you got great sense of dressing (even Dhruv has!) Thanks for Channa Chor lessons and the recipes. They are better cooking item I have ever picked up apart from Butter Rusk.

Himanshu Gupta

Buddy, you grew amongst us and to have seen your brighter, sunny, lighter side was a sheer joy. I’m still sorry for that Life threating drink (:P) But talking about the various things which we use in our day to day lives with you always use to highlight something new and it gave new insights. Thank you so much for that boy. You dance quiet nice and it is again a brilliant sight. I’m sorry in case I ever crossed the limits while making fun of you. It was all in good spirits buddy and it was again a privilege. And yaar, one thing. People like you – Talented, sharp, knowledgeable and humble are very rare. Never feel that you are not appreciated. Just that people don’t show. And thank you for inviting us over to the marriage. It was the most fitting farewell of our IIT lives and I’ll and all of us will always remember it. Thanks for everything buddy! And life mein if I ever get a chance again to tere saath surely tere poochne par dinner karne jaaunga (without exceptions :D)

Vaibhaw Chaturvedy

Funny as it may seem, but I don’t remember being trusted more by anyone as much as you did. Thank you for showing so much of it. Rest, I’ll remember you as one of the few people ever who counted me amongst their best friends and that was a great feeling. And your dirtiness will always be parts of nightmares surrounding Karakoram! And yes dude, there was never a more enthusiastic Maintenance secretary. Just sort your life out quickly. Your friends and your family deserve the better side of the “STRATO”

Bobby Chachu

Wherever you are Chachu, thank you for being the friend who could always serve a kind advice and ditch me out of trouble. If ever I read,” Bad things happen to good people” I’ll remember you for how much more cruel life could be. Miss you always. That area of the town is no longer the same without you. Thank you helping us in all the times. Rest in Peace.

Shriti Di

Beatrix Kiddo aka Shriti Di – Thank you for being the most kind of blog followers a person can have. You have been the only friend my blogs truly earned me and I’ll always remember blogging with special memories attached with how  your comments used to be the beacon to change and corrections. Thanks for all your reviews and all the help. Following your blog, as always and hoping that the Bhilai connection grows only deeper. 😉

Yash Sinha

You know, they say despite all the silences, tru friendships never erase or never fade! They stay the same, or grow better. And when people meet, they meet as if no time has ever passed! The sands of time never rust some relations! You have been these lines personified man! I have never felt the need to apologise for all my inability to keep in touch and for not having been there when you needed a friend. Because: 1. Tu bi sale nahin tha 😀 and more, much more importantly 2. Because you simply understand that it is tough! 🙂

Yahoo messenger will always remind me of you and the awesomeness that we guys used to spread there! 😀 Also, I’ll always remember the day you cam eto my house. It was one of the finest of memories. Thanks for being the simplest and sweetest of people I have ever met man! You are awesome! Stay in touch now that you are free you ass! 😛

Suneer Verma, Aditya Saraswati

Thank you for being ever so supportive. Suneer Sir, thanks for all the help in the placement season and especially for the CV and the skype sessions! I owe it so much to you! Aapko next jab catch karunga, tab Chivas regal will be on me! You are one heck of a senior to have. Same goes for you Baba ji. Aap nahin hote to confidence kahan se laata pata nahin! Thank you for taking out time from your hectic schedule and helping me. Those days will forever stay etched in my memory and I’ll forever be indebted for all the help.

PP sir

Aap na hote to how would have I taken on that incredible Voyage? It was by far the most enriching experiences of self -discovery and whenever I’ll remember those times, I’ll remember them with a special mention of you, for you made them possible. Even on the hostel front, you were always a wonderful person to talk to and another one of the persons I consider an honor having met. Thank you for all the great times Sir. (And next time citi bank jaate hi kaam ho jaayega)

Swimming team (1st and 2nd year)

Let’s just leave at the Thank you stage. I’ll just like to mention in special regards Mahesh Sir, Rahul Sir, Dhanda Sir, Mayank Kakodkar and Aniket Kakatkar – You guys were the best team-mates ever! Actually the only time I enjoyed in between the nationals and the Inter IIT meets.

Jim Corbett Group

You guys form a one heck of a travel group. By far the single best travel experience in a group. Thank you for the sweetest of the experiences

Soaham Sharma

You know, the way you introduced yourself to us in the first year was the kind of attitude one expected from a senior and it is something that I have readily adopted in my behavior for I have valued someone coming forward and taking the initial step. Also, conversations with you have been enriching, amazing, somewhat funny and filled with the single most important lesson I have taken away from the campus, “Eat veg, and beat lion!” Thanks for the talks and for being the kind of senior who would always help a junior come what may! Good luck for thy life ahead and you know you have it in you to wrap it up! Just make sure you do wrap it quick. For the future plans await you. 😀 😛

Ankur Agrawal

Buddy, your PR skills are worth the appreciation and I’ll always remember you for them. Also, the kind of similarities I have had with you were just amazing and funny altogether. Thank you for all the good times buddy. They are just too many to mention. Have a great life!


To all others who might just have slipped off of my mind, I am extremely sorry. I am thankful to you all, just that my memory has become a little clouded and my eyes a little hazy. Nothing works out if that little element is missing, something which as a Production and Industrial Engineer I have learnt quite deeply and hence, I would love to acknowledge your contributions. Thank you for being a regular part of the life in th campus and for making the world a better place to live in! It has been a pleasure knowing you all and I wish you all the best for life ahead, hoping that the roads will cross again, someday, somewhere,

Special Mention – Mrs. Kalla,  Aman Goel, Kanav Agarwal, Vimanyu Agarwal, Rohan Mahipal, Hacker, La Prashanta,  Meilind Parsoya, Ankit Malik, Aishwarya and Shaurya, the people I met at Deloitte especially Kartikeya, Samuel and Ishita, the incoming 3rd year batch of Karakoram.

  “It ain’t the middle of the night

   And it ain’t even raining outside

   It ain’t exactly what I had in mind

   For goodbye”

(Red Light – David Nail)

PS: Always bear in mind that these were the Good years, the best ones yet to come!


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