Blast from the past – Age of Empires ; The love affair with a video-game

This post was penned down in the summer of 2012, as a token of appreciation for my favourite game – Age of Empires!

Till date, it remains the favourite, even though I haven’t even played it for almost couple of years!

On a dull silent Friday afternoon in the month of October, in the year 2003, 7th standard exactly, I had got my hands on my personal computer for the first time. In the coming weeks that followed, I installed a variety of games, many of which I have forgotten. The two which I haven’t forgotten though are ‘Rainbow 6 – Covert operations’ and ‘Age of Empires’.

The former was a first player, military combat game while the latter was a strategy game (I didn’t know of these fancy terms then). I ended Covert operations in two days, but it was AOE that actually caught my attention and has had it held, ever since!

There was this game, which actually made you think – on how to organise a city, how to manage resources, along with a beautiful story line in its campaign mode which made it unbelievably interesting. Before I fell in love with a person, I fell in love with the way the villagers built houses, the infantry and the cavalry would knock each other out and the sounds that would surround the conversion in which a priest (a unit produced by the church)  could convert an enemy unit to your unit! (This was, in fact, the best thing about the game for me)

The initial AOE was just a trial version yet the effect it left has not yet worn out.

The coming years brought Age of empires two into my life, which had much better graphics, much better game play and the best unit of all – the Paladin. It was a cavalry unit with exceptional armour and attack and the way it used to run havoc in enemy zones was such a joy, and the joy at converting a couple of enemy Paladins was again incomparable. The campaign was such fun and historic for it told so much about Joan of Arc and her exploits.

Then came college, and the love affair still continued after a gap of almost a year ( for I never played any games in Kota) and along with came Age of Empires 3 – which was again so much fun and so much new. The features were absolutely fabulous, even though if they made the gaming a little easier, many new civilizations, the Asian and the war chief dynasties made it much more interesting. The Indian civilization is and will remain my favourite for the way they talk is just unbelievable – “Haan! Mein karunga!”


The best part of it has of late been my friends, with whom I play whenever I get a chance, over a wired network, which has brought a new level of excitement into the game. Taking on the computer, saving yourself and your allies, it has been all so much fun. Even now during my internship, I have restarted the game, so as to get the Maverick back into form and when the battle resumes @ college, the challenge is there to be savoured!

To the game and all with whom I have had a chance to share its experiences with.

And to the best taunts I have ever heard!

The five monuments of the Indian civilisation happen to my bucket list items to finish, three of which have already been achieved.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The one missing here is the Karni Mata Mandir (Or famously known as the Temple of rats)

The other two remaining ones are:

Agra Fort, Agra

Char Minar, Hyderabad


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