Juggling the expectations

It is a funny world we live in, right?

Double standards rule the roost! People tend to easily miss out on where they go wrong but never on where somebody else has! And somehow, I believe I am no exception either! (Not in every scenario, but definitely in some)

People are not in touch, they stop replying to your messages yet they expect you to update them with all the happenings in your life! They themselves never update you, except for a one-off update of a certain event but the moment you do the same, you get a free ticket down the guilt lane!

Unfair? Maybe. But then, that is the world we live in.

In this age of smart phones, people have lost the appreciation of the delicate bond which calling, speaking and listening to a person establishes. Not just that, they even fail to realise that once used to all those calls the texts never feel the same. For starters, you cannot judge the expressions, the body language of the sender. You cannot make out those subtle differences which come due to voice modulation while speaking! Textual relations are just not the same and they just cannot be! (Even speech is not the pinnacle of human communication and bonding)facebook_1432710993835

The divide never stops. The world around me, inside my head, is like a solar system or on a finer (and somewhat kid-like analogy) scale it is like an electron-nucleus system.

The nucleus is like the proximity of a person, people which include parents, closest of friends, in case of lucky people their partners. The electrons, which make the social circle of the nucleus, consist of friends, acquaintances, colleagues and some relatives*

Now, the nucleus is characterised by an amazing intermolecular force existing between the elements making it up. They are extremely close knit and are always in the vicinity. The same is not true for electrons. They do share a force of attraction, but it is not the same as inside the nucleus. Now, in the atomic model inside my head, the transfer of elements is possible between the electron space and the nucleus space. Some elements of nucleus move in the universal space and become part of the nucleus of another living system. Over a period, as the elements keep getting shared between various systems, their intra-nuclear bond diminishes. In the world we live, this effect is not equally felt by all and hence the reduction is more with some nuclei and less or not at all with some others. This leads to a situation of the ouster of a nucleon from a living nucleus system.

Unfortunately, once you have been someone’s nucleon, it is next to impossible to be their electron! It can never feel the same. And even if you are comfortable being in the vicinity of the charge, with a hope that tomorrow maybe you can re-enter the nuclear space, the living entity may never be ready to accept you back.


Because when the bonds diminish, the nuclear system receives a push which is in line with Newton’s third law of motion. This push is at times enough to shake the system completely.

And once shaken to its core, don’t expect the system to take a chance with you. The elemental transformation which occurs because of the change in the nucleons changes things forever. Some electrons receive more share of the charge which the nucleus emits. Over time, one or more of them may just become the part of the nucleus. In other cases, the nucleus collapses altogether. Sometimes, the bonds between the nucleons assimilate¬†the extra charge and provide the nucleus stability and sustain it! In whatever way you look at it the elemental change comes and nothing can be exactly the same.

So next time you blame someone for not having kept you updated with information, look inside once and see if you might have erred and made the nucleus undergo a change. It is a tough world out there and sometimes people don’t have any other option but to get on with things – With or Without you!



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