The Sunday Musings – Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani!

Filmy title? Well, yes!


The week has been of further questions, reflections, and all those feeling which the movie mentioned in the title evoke in me!

I often get asked around for my favorite movie, the answer to which never comes satisfactorily. But given the countless number of times I have watched this particular movie, I assume it won’t be wrong to call it the most preferred one for now! It is the movie to which I tend to when I am at my lowest, and even sometimes when I am at my happiest!

And then there are parts of the movies with lines that melt me every time I listen to them:

Sometimes, a little incident triggers a flood of memories so strange and so beautiful that we are rendered speechless! Memories are funny! They forever store the small tokens of our past. Memories are like a box of chocolate – once opened, you just cannot stop at one!


How more true can it ever be said? Every time you take a dive down the lane, you end up visiting so many places! Memories, irrespective of positive or negative, are an essential part of what we exist as and exist for!

What adds to the zing is the fact that I find a connect with both the protagonists of the movie – The flirty, high on life, vagabond and wanderlust struck guy and the initially shy, seemingly low on confidence and a religious girl who seeks acceptance!

The dialogue becomes better as the movie progresses:

“If only alcohol had the high in it, wouldn’t the bottles be dancing?”

It has its share of funny one-liners as well. One particular brings a smile every time I hear it spoken. It is said when the wingman of the main lead is trying pacify his crush over reports of ghosts haunting the trek camp site:

“I know all the hymns and verses of making the ghosts disappear!”

“Yes, his father is an exorcist!” – Responds a visibly jealous Kalki!

Then there are those continuous questions about life, its meaning and where to end up before signing off!

Student at 22, employed at 25, married by 26, father at 30, retirement at 60 and then the eternal wait for death! Who wants such a life?

I want adventure, thrill and madness! Everyday so exciting that I can feel a rush of blood in my veins

I want to fly, run, even fall but never stop

If you know me well, you can easily understand why these lines leave me in their awe!

And then comes the situation when his friends get to know about his scholarship at the North Western university and that he will be soon leaving them to focus on his career! The lines which are spoken at that time froze me the last time I watched the movie:

I am feeling scared. Life is going to change! I will become alone there!

And here?

Here it feels nice!

And then the part ends on these lines:

I was hurt, but I was also grateful! Grateful for the horde of memories I was carrying away with me, which I will never forget! Those days, those nights, the laughs, the madness, the friendships and Bunny!

Every time I see that part, I take a pause from life! Every single time! More so in the time when I stand on the cusp of something similar, feeling almost similar!

There is another part in the movie when the team is on a yacht talking about life, home, family! The best lines, in my opinion, are spoken at that time:

“To reach somewhere in life, you must get up and leave from somewhere! Leave when the time is still right, else the regrets start piling up”

Our guy, after these very lines, gets a shot at being the host of a travel show! The lines spoken by his boss resonate so well within my head:

You are smart, confident. As big a pain in the ass and wicked as you are on the inside, you are charming enough on the outside to make people overlook the inside!

Don’t ask me why! The above lines have a funny resemblance!

Without prolonging the length of this post further, I want to add two more amazing lines:

“However hard you try, you will always miss out on something in life! So why not just enjoy the moments while we are here!”

“It is simple. With certain people, things simply seem better by just spending time with them”

The second of these brings me goosebumps and a smile every time I hear it being spoken! It reminds of some people in life and as the starting lines say – memories are funny things!

I told Женя about this movie when she asked me! It just adds it to another one of those wonderful memories related to this movie! Even there in Ukraine it had a pacifying effect when the thoughts of returning back were wrecking my head to pieces

I watched it for the first time almost around 2 years back, around this period only, when I was about to join Nestlé. At that time, I was going through a rough phase in life and this movie made me feel so much better! Even today, when the cycles are changing, it makes me smile just the same! Maybe the connect is deeper than what I have been able to bring out here!

Hopefully, as I continue on, I will keep reflecting on the characters and maybe take a realistic lesson, every now and then!

PS: Today ends the end of 2014-2015 premier league season! Manchester United and football will be missed!

The quotes above are rough translations from the movie itself and all credits stay with,” Yeh Jawaani hai deewani”. This post is my take and tribute to what I simply consider as my favorite movie!


2 thoughts on “The Sunday Musings – Yeh Jawaani hai Deewani!

  1. You have artistically interwoven the delicate threads of real & priceless memories with the romance embodied by these fictional characters in their respective personae, thereby creating a beautiful tapestry of life.
    Well done boss. 😀 keep going!

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