Blast from the past – Lessons from a Muffin!

Well, isn’t there something really beautiful about the small things , small bits of details about our lives and the things associated with it that make it so special, and leave us with a feeling of blissfulness at times upon realizing that at times even a real small thing holds grand lessons. And what adds to the overall taste of it is the fact that these things generally go unnoticed and hence one takes notice of them rarely, and hence the realization has long term impacts on our sub-conscious.

But, my dear curios reader you may ask why am I giving so much thought to such things, right? Well, as I said, at times these small things are just a bit too good to avoid!

You may wonder and even ask,” Oh really?”

Well, yes, really, for where you least expect, there is something (or SOMEONE) special, and that makes life all the more amazing!

Wow, most of us have had a taste of the Chocolate muffin at Nesce in institute right. Well, just that a strange incident with one of these things brought out this article.

So what was so special about that particular muffin that it became a part of my memory? Well, just that we all are so used to the chocolate filled layer that we hardly notice any difference. It was out of this habit one day, I bought a muffin, took a bite to unveil the hot, melted, chocolate layer inside that I found that there wasn’t any chocolate there! “Duped” was my first reaction, and I thought of returning the muffin, but then did away from giving action to it, and hence walked away.

It was probably after my third bite that I found my surprise waiting for me.

What actually happened was that the entire chocolate layer had accumulated deep inside and hence nothing was there at the top. And hence that muffin had taught me a valuable lesson!

It had taught me the value of Inner Beauty, and how it was far grand than anything external. It had brought to my mind the fact that on the external all are nearly same, just that the one most special is the one who is beautiful from the Soul, beautiful from the very core! Something out of the daily philosophy but still learned differently though.

And hence this thing about appreciating the value of Inner beauty was the lesson I had learned that day- the lesson taught by a muffin!


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