Blast from the past – We are United!

“And then the unthinkable happened- Two goals in injury time sealed the fate in favour of city and Manchester United have to settle for a Trophy less season!”

You know what those two words mean to you when such “unthinkable” moments make your heart sink, make you feel disgusted and leave you silent!

The last season of the Barclay’s English premier league were full of such moments. No one had expected United to claw back the 5-point deficit, then gain an 8-point league and then finally spill it. But still, being a fan of theirs the last season will always remain one to cherish, from the thrashing of Arsenal, to that humiliation at the hands of city, to the emergence of the new lads, to the return of the ginger prince- Paul Scholes.

I still don’t remember when I started supporting Manchester United, but as far as my memory goes, it has been United!

I do have faint memories of a period when Arsenal were a dominant force in the league, yet it the style of play which United demonstrated- the slick back heels, the amazing free kicks, the last moment goals, everything!

Also, it had something to do with the red colour, for I was a die Hard Schumacher supporter and hence, the red connection helped boost the liking even more.

And ever since I have been a supporter, I can say, with loads of pride that United has been the club I would love to support, always, through thick and thin.

The thrill and joy have always been increasing, so has been my knowledge of the game, the passion!

I remember very well the period when David Beckham had left United and the subsequent arrival of an unknown player from Sporting Lisbon, who went by the name of “Cristiano Ronaldo”. His arrival, followed by the arrival of Nani, Anderson, and Hargreaves brought a new joy to the game. The dribbles, the antics he displayed, they were something I had never seen, and hence he brought me and my group of friends together.

Then came a period in life when being a United fan brought me into contact with a bunch of genuinely awesome Human beings, people who were nice to me, who were nice to all, and who turned out to be great friends- PrateekBeriSuneer and many others.

So the connection has been ever so deep, those moments of Joys at winning trophies, the best being the Champions League, the sadness at seeing them lose, the thrills of those last minute goals, the rockets from CR7, the bicycle kicks (specially the Rooney one), that one Owen goal in the month of September of 2009 that sink Manchester city, the pangs of separation at seeing some of the best depart, to the excitement at seeing new faces arrive – The sheer joy of being a red devil is unmatched.

Well, this , extremely unorganized post is dedicated to such moments, the ones mentioned and the countless unmentioned ones, when it has been not about one player, but about a team, with the heart and spirit of the Champions!

To the Best club in this world, to Manchester United!

“Sempre United”



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