The Sunday musings #9 – Rest and Travel

Yes, yes, yes! I know. I never published 8 and yet had the chutzpah of writing number 9. But then, number 8 is work in progress and would make it to your eyes sooner than later. So for the time being, here is my apology for breaking the rhythm and the delay in writing this one too

Given that I missed the last week’s musings, I spent the week pondering over the need for breaks in our lives. Last three weekends, I have traveled and hence have really never had time to write down a proper post. The statistics speak for themselves. Even write now, I write this down while in transit on a travel commitment.

The following image is Tripadvisor’s screenshot of cities I have visited. (100 and counting)


Speaking of traveling, what an amazing feeling it is!

The experience, the places, the people, the moments – There is just so much to it. Traveling is enriching. It makes you aware of a world which you never knew existed. It brings out a side of you never seen before and makes you understand, appreciate life a little more while helping you learn more about adaptability. The friendships that emanate out of travels remain a life long cherished memory! In short, it somewhere contributes to you becoming a better person*

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But then traveling can be tiring as well. It takes a toll on the body and makes you switch the engines off for a while, all in the positive sense! The following picture will help you understand the positivity better.


Given that traveling makes you take a break, it contributes to a moment of rest which you might not accord to your body otherwise. So many positives, right?

I didn’t start to write this post to compare any positives or negatives of traveling. As my time at Nestlé has progressed I have enjoyed traveling to new places more and more. Traveling has in fact made enjoy my existence after my friends moved to different cities. It is almost like traveling imparts to a person’s life a whole new meaning!

So, travel while you get a chance, enjoy the moments, the roads, the people and the experiences!

Signing off on a humorous note



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