The Sunday Musings #7 – Home

The Sunday Musings #7 – Home

Dear fun loving, ever engaged amigos of mine! Hello!

Welcome to the weekly dose of the Sunday musings.  Last week saw an unprecedented response and the feeling has been great. Optimism, if coupled with an overall recognition is one sweet feeling!


As the name must have given away already, this week I finally made it to my home in Jammu after a period of almost 4 months and hence the feelings and musings happen to be all about it.

I, like of many of you, have been away from my home for many years now (8 precisely in my case). I fondly remember how easy life was in those days compared to what it has become now. And the fact that life again seems wonderfully easy when at home, irrespective of the spell, continues to surprise me. The sleep never has any dream, something which I will trade even for a dream with a super-model! The food tastes delicious, the tea smells so good! Probably, somewhere deep inside, the kid which I (or we as you may like to read), feels the embrace of security, and hence the world feels good, again!

I also went to Vaishno Devi on Saturday – my first visit during the Navratra week! It still remains one of the most amazing temple experiences – The upward climb, the stopovers, the triumphant feeling once at the top, the amazing experience of walking right up to the cave, saying the prayers, seeking blessings and starting back – These are hard to achieve in one single place at one single time! Jai Mata di!

To anyone who may like to read about the place, how and what about it, I am writing a post on that too. Will share the link if needed, just let me know.

I guess that is all I have to write about the musings of the week. You just need to close your eyes and feel what home brings to you and you will be there where I am!


Lessons of the week? None really that were different from what I have shared. Maybe I should focus on incorporating some of those lessons in my life before I dare write about new ones!

So, that is all there is to mention!

Have a great week friends! May the force be with you!

PS: Sania Nehwal became world number 1 in Badminton! Such wonderful achievement. As for the other sports, there were some ups and some downs! Life goes on! #Bleedblue


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