The Sunday Musings #6 – Flaws

Well, well. Last week I finally received no feedback! Not cool amigos 😛

But I don’t blame it on you. Life is busy and tough these days and I understand. I had a hell of a week myself. Till the weekend, at the least. Weekend has been lighted up the people I have met and the time I have spent away from deserted room of mine. I am just glad the meetings happened.

Coming to this week’s musings, I probably have spent the week introspecting – What happened, why it happened and could have I done anything better?

The answers eventually boiled down to one simple answer – Yes!

But then things could have been bad, even worse. Amuses me to see that we never look at the worse side, always the other one.

The answers kept coming and so I reached my mistakes leading to the troubled situations in my life, to the flaws I have. I wondered why I couldn’t change those aspects of my existence and why I allowed them to go in and widen the cracks.

But then, amongst all that chaos in my head, I felt a strange feeling. A feeling of acceptance. Yes, I did have flaws, I still have many, but then, don’t we all have flaws? Have you ever thought what life would have been without those flaws? Just think of this situation. There are 20, “100 percent perfect” people in a single room. What will you do with those? What would you appreciate them for? For being completely perfect? Whom would choose in a situation and why? How would you justify leaving out others?

All these questions brought me to a point that I felt a feeling of regards towards my flaws. Not in an arrogant, proud manner, but in a manner of acceptance and the belief that slowly that I will improve on them. Probably the entire week has had itself highlighted in these few lines. Life, as I know, will eventually come around. I believe in it firmly. And now, I am ready to wait for the sun to rise, again!

Till then, let’s understand what to do when the sun shines bright and how to make the world a better place!

Lessons this week:

1. Life will not stand for a single person. Don’t let it stand. Let it flow freely like the wind and see magic take over

2. Remove whatsapp for a week and see how easy life is. I have done that and at the moment, hardly care where my phone is lying.

3. People come and set benchmarks in your life. Trust that those won’t be easy to beat. But again, there will a day when you will be required make a call in life. Be ready!


In other things, I met Prachi (One of my most avid readers and amazing writer friend) after a long time and it was a great meeting!

I watched the movie “Hunter” and I tell you – Watch it, but not with parents!

I will sign off this week’s musings by sharing with you one of my favourite songs

Even if you didn’t enjoy the blog, I am sure you will enjoy the song. Download by clicking this sentence.

Have a great week people, I love you all. God bless you!

PS : Manchester United won after Juan Mata scored twice. Jai MATA di 😀



6 thoughts on “The Sunday Musings #6 – Flaws

  1. Hi Kanav,
    Totally in agreement with what you said. Acceptance and respect for the flaw itself is a step towards progression of removal of that flaw.
    There’s one thing I don’t understand…what is this whole idea of Sunday musings. Since, I have read only this specific post so spare me if I sound little dumb.Is it a kind of mechanism in which you are evaluating yourself at the end of the week so as to gauge your progress reviewed not only at personal level but from others as well?
    and simultaneously sharing your own learnings?

    Hope you remember me…(only internee you might have come across while in job..:P)

  2. Perfection is a utopian concept. And utopia by the virtue of being the “ideal” is given to the realms of impossibility. Further, to me imperfection is not even remotely associated with “flaws” per se. It is rather an unconventional aesthetic that needs an eye to be appreciated. Also, “perfection” is restrictive, for there’s no way beyond that while imperfection is a fertile spot where growth can be fostered.
    P.s-Please don’t take my words seriously. I am simply suffering from intellectual diarrhoea.

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