To juniors at Karakoram and IIT

As someone who has spent one of the memorable periods of his life at this hostel and this campus, having met people from different geographies and having learnt lessons both harsh and soft, I feel that much remains common between us all and hence I guess many of you will find it easy to relate to this post. My journey at Kara (Short for Karakoram) started just like many of yours would have done, and it was one of the early meetings with one of the passing out person that I still remember as if it had happened today only.

A person named Jyoti Nandan Kumar had told me on my first day at Kara that, “IIT has more things to offer that any other place ever will. Do not waste the time you have here because the kind of chances you’ll get here, you won’t get anywhere else. Make the most out of life. Study well and hard because that will remain the most important thing but remember that you’ll not grow if you keep on studying alone. Good luck” I guess his words are as true today as they were 4 years back. And that is what I would like to dwell upon. This is to all my juniors, especially the first yearites. Irrespective of your CG, your persona, your style of life remember that you can achieve all that you want to. All it requires is a little discipline and determination. The chance you have got is only going to last another 3 years and before you know the time will pass away and you will be standing in place doing just what I was doing when I wrote this down. With every passing day at where I work, the guilt just increases ever so slightly.

So start doing things that you have feared doing till date (and I don’t need to say that should be legit :P), discover things that enthral you and work towards perfecting them.

Second important thing is to learn to accept failures, not to be bogged down by them and to use them as stepping stones for success ahead. Take them as another part of the journey towards achieving your aims and you’ll soon find yourself recovering faster from such situations, and living without the fear of failure. Remember, being confident even when there is nothing to be confident about only lets you take up the challenge and in most of the cases complete it without doubts.

Thirdly, make friends while you are in the campus and make friends whose relations with you don’t depend on some stupid awards or some random events, because then it won’t be friendship. Learn to keep your professional relations and your personal relations apart from each other, as much as possible, because the mixing will serve only to spoil the relations instead of doing any good. And I might sound like generalising too much, but it is like the saying, “Been there, done that!” Expect less from others while here, follow the saying,” Eat Veg, beat Lion” (Courtesy- Soaham Sharma). Take in as much experience as you can, make friends outside Karakoram as well, for the world is not limited to Kara alone. Make the most out of life.

Good Luck for the Future voyages.

Have a great Life ahead!


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