Poker Chips – The price of our Character

Well, this is more of a throwback post, being posted almost 3 years after it was written. I think I was not sure if it should be up on the blog then or maybe was just afraid of the backlash it would generate and hence I chose against publishing it. But, now I don’t see the need to hold it back. Hope it makes for an interesting read

Well, as sinister as the title sounds, it isn’t as same as the act. Just that the even semester at IIT Delhi is always overshadowed by the events that happen somewhere in the month of March and which keeps most of the people out of their classes (and some locked up in secret rooms.) I had thought that my first-year events were weird, but this year’s events proved even more shocking and surprising. It brought to my mind that how people change sides at the last moment, how manipulation and diplomacy go hand in hand and how people let their characters fall to the ground in hope of just some random perks.

What also startled me was the fact that people’s opinions could change on the very thing they stood by. (To those who are referred, it is a disappointment I have and one that will always stay!) Also, the disillusionment of holding a post reared its ugly head again and I even overheard a senior remark that there should be washroom representative, there should a tap representative and there should be a Hugga representative(Literary translates to Shit representative)! Yes, this is a fact, for everyone thinks of themselves as a class apart and having something above others leading to a conflict – time and again!

Anyways, coming back to the title, the past year was full of praises for the crusader of peace – Anna Hazare. It was full of negative talks against the ruling government and how they had failed to stop the corruption and had caused the country a loss of image. At that time the people who had voted for them felt that they had cheated themselves and others had remarked that we Indians are stupid and we vote for people on basis other than their actual abilities to govern the masses.

But here is my question, are we any different? Before remarking them as illiterate and stupid, kindly dare to look inside yourself.

A couple of days back, I heard people of my year crib that some senior had refused to give them poker chips for playing. I was amazed to hear that they had poker chips. This is what I got,” They had struck a deal for the elections of “some” post and these poker chips were the price!”

I was left dumbstruck, with my mouth wide open, for I had heard of such stories on T.V. channels only. And I had never expected that people at IIT would resort to such tactics. But that is the truth.
So here is the point- We curse people for having voted on the basis of region the candidate belongs to, while we ourselves vote on the basis of the wing and floor of the candidates; While the people who vote on the basis of caste and creed are abused, and are looked upon as the roadblocks in the path of development, we ourselves vote on the basis of the department of a particular candidate; and when we say that the people who price their vote at a bottle of a liquor are cheap and characterless, poker chips are the price of our character. So before blaming them for all that is wrong, we must look at ourselves in the mirror. The next time you read the headlines saying so and so much amount of so and so was found during elections in a particular area, don’t be startled. Feel relaxed since they are normal people behaving normally, just like me and you. And please don’t remark them as characterless! For there is a devil in all of us, every single one of us, and the fact is eventually, everyone is up for sale, everyone has a Price.

“Mun kholo, Daam bolo!”


I happened to chance upon this today, and the disappointment still lingers on. That act brought a rift in the relations, not sure whether for good or bad.


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