The Sunday Musings #5 – Last exam days

Well, who would have seen this coming? A month on and still going strong. The Sunday Musings happen to have had a decent impact on my blog it seems. My Stats look better and I have developed a habit of checking the blog more often. So another time (and hopefully last in a while now) – Thank you! 🙂

This week was about a bit of travel, loads of activities and relief at the end. Ever since I had joined office after my South India travels, it had been stressful than usual. Organizing two workshops, in a span of two months, analyzing the data, sending back analyses, processing the feedback, it was heavy on the head.

And then it was coupled with another pursuit which consumed the weekends too. So basically the space to open up was seeming less. The juggling effort was tough at times, especially when I needed a leave or two and hence the wait for this Friday when both would finish couldn’t have been less.

It felt like those school days, till 9th standard at least, when the final exam was the most awaited one. Once finished, coming home, tie flying here, socks flying there, the mess in the room seemed the most beautiful sight ever! The sleep that night would be one of accomplished milestones. The sleep on Friday night was no different.

I haven’t really missed my school days, never having had time for that really. But this week, the feeling finally came, crazily, after all these days!

I am a person who enjoys rains sitting in shade only, because my body succumbs down with some infection if I get drenched. Yesterday, riding pillion on a bike, fully opened and with rain pouring down thick and fast, I didn’t have any apprehensions. I enjoyed every single drop that glanced across my face, making me feel the tiny pinches, and making me feel Alive!

Lessons which came my way this week?

1. This has been a lesson of the past, but resurfaced – Prepare for the worst, expect the best and take what you get

2. If you don’t want a slap, don’t poke an elbow, even at a friend (Even out of fun or a joke) (Hurts when it is one’s own face)

The lessons this week didn’t have much of a say. Life was all about that good old feeling of the last exam days! And with this I end this week’s musings. As tiring it was, it was more eventful, the sorts you can look back in life someday, for sure!

Looking forward to weeks ahead! May God keep an eye out for all of you. Stay safe, stay blessed, stay loved and have a great time!

PS: Manchester United play tonight. Cheering for them.



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