The Sunday Musings #4 – Taxi rides

Hello, hello and hello!

Welcome again to thy own, the Sunday Musings.

Last week, I got praised for having been able to keep it precise and not give you genuinely sexy people a torrid time which otherwise was sort of becoming an habit. Yet a friend felt it was lighter than previous posts.

I am grateful to everyone of you for taking out time to read and reply, especially when many didn’t 😛

This week was a lot about taxi rides and the art of balancing comfort, time and money. And since I am involved, some chit-chat with the taxi drivers.

Well, for once, I spent 1500 INR on taxis this week. So it was going to be on my mind anyways. Rains brought in much greenery as well since many like myself took to the luxuries of cabs and the discounts on hand.

It is worthy of a thought that how what was once considered a luxury is becoming more of a basic. Industrial engineering theory in action! *Orgasmic*

The taxi drivers have a world of their own. I met taxi drivers who were well versed, smart and who came across as dedicated individuals. And then I met the witty ones – Ones who had worked out how to extract the most out of the Olas and the Ubers while the revolution lasted.

And finally, today’s taxi journey from Gurgaon till Rudrapur to Nainital and back to Rudrapur


A week of taxis it is then!

Lessons picked up during the week:

1. Don’t pay attention to people when you compete with them. If they come and say to your face,” You screwed me!”, just smile and go on.

2. If you don’t like the ignorance coming your way from people, deal with it calmly. The calmer you are, easier it becomes

3. Writing is like Sex, sometimes a break is necessary to enhance the quality! (Now now, all you experienced people, please don’t feel offended. I am just saying from how I imagine it to be :P)

So, amigos, sorry for the short length, not much sense making musings. The taxi rides have had their effect. Have a good week, and may God shower you with love and gifts.

PS: Happy Women’s day! To all the wonderful ladies out there, and the ones reading this – You are beautiful! Thank you for making the planet worth living on, and thank you for serving a greater purpose! Cheers to all of you!


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