Oh Manchester United

As I start writing this down, I am watching Manchester United play Newcastle United away at St. James Park. And though they are playing slightly better than other days, they still are no where near where they used to be. Even today a penalty which the referee didn’t award the hosts seems to have kept the score at 0-0. Manchester United have played good though today, but things are just not happening. Of all, I feel bad for Angel Di Maria. The most expensive player in British transfer history now seems to be a great sale on part of Real Madrid now. He is out of form, and is losing the ball just too easily. (He got substituted just).

But am I losing faith? NO

Am I hoping for times to change? YES, DESPERATELY!

You may ask why I am so madly in love with Manchester United and why is that their football matters to me?

Well, it goes long back!

Manchester United was the club I started supporting to funny reasons:

1. I was a Ferrari supporter, and United shared the same jersey colors

2. My younger brother looked like Paul Scholes and hence I would just find a figure to relate a little too

3. I was afraid of the giants playing for Arsenal and United were the only team that was giving them, a run for their money

But this was all as a young kid who didn’t understand the workings of the world.

As I grew up, and left my home for a new home, a new challenge, Manchester United was the reason I met a really good guy and became great friends with him. I wonder if anything else ever would have had us become such good friends! Maybe, maybe not.

Manchester United was there at the time of my first heart break, as I jumped, thumping the air, in September of 2010, after Michael Owen had scored in 90+5 minutes against Manchester city to give United the victory, I heard words from the other side of the phone,” Kanav, if that is on your mind, I am afraid it will not happen. So let it be”. I wrote the Abysmal void, my first good poem that day. Had United not been there, maybe it would hurt deeper.

From that moment till I ended college, Manchester United has been one of the things I looked forward to, rejoicing, celebrating the victories, learning to be silent and a little accepting at their losses. When there was no friend, no one, there was Manchester United. That is where they are in my life. And to be honest, over the past one and a half year, ever since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, I have missed the crucial element in my life. Of all the sleepless nights, the one watching United play like a team they were never associated with, are the ones whose taste is that bit bitter.

But I am not going to switch loyalties, not today, not tomorrow, not ever. Manchester United have been part of the best moments of my life and nothing can change that.

So, while I wait again for them to score today, I hope the revival is coming. I hope that the Sun, which has stayed set for a year and half shall be visible near the horizon sometime soon. I hope to feel the adrenaline rush at them scoring goals, I hope to see the ruthlessness, the aggression return, I hope to see Manchester United, play, The United way!

Till then, “Glory Glory, Man United”


Update: I finished this at 2:53 a.m. and United scored at 3:02 a.m. , 89th minute of the match, and then held on to win 1-0 and stay 4th in the table. *Phew*


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