The Sunday Musings – #3 – “:)”

Well, well, so you are back?

Trust me, I didn’t trust myself to have returned and write # 3, ever! (So forget about expecting you to ever read it :P)

But it has been because of you, my reader that I have felt that it is worth bringing to text the commonalities that unite us and the diversities that render us our identities.


In the couple of weeks I have written the post, I have shared a lot about the things not ‘right‘ in life. This week, as the discussions have yielded, let’s try and keep it light this time around

(Warning: 18+ humor ahead, proceed at your own discretion)

Funny names

I don’t want to sound wrong here, but aren’t some names astonishingly funny? They make everyone who happens to get introduced to such characters smile, laugh or just  roll (inside the heads of course).

Like for example we have a person who works in a company and whose name reflects in the mail list as: Mr. Subramaniyam Gandu (I so wish this person never comes to work in a place outside South India)

Or, this character


And that too in “Bang-kok”

Whoever said “what is in the name?”


Now that I hope you have not been offended and will continue to view me as good person (:P), I will proceed to talk about the week.

It has been the busy kind of week – Not allowing room for unnecessary and minor troubles to creep in. And if you ask me, that is how I prefer it. Keeps everything plain and simple.


1. Choice is always ours: The Glass might be half full or half empty, but why worry, drink whatever is there!

2. Goodness makes life look good: This one is too all the wonderful people who helped me to see the brighter side of life this week – In terms of what I feel, in terms of going to an event smiling even if going late! Because of you, I have had lesser hair fall this week! Please stay good and keep spreading the goodness

3. Avoid rains before important events: Because I am writing this down with a fever, just adds to weight to the lesson. Next time rains, we all will be careful! “Bring it on!”


As another week ends, I proceed towards some crucial events. Let’s hope the positivity stays!

Thank you once again for sparing time and for your feedback. You people are sweet indeed. Have a good week and may God bless you.

PS: Keep Smiling! 🙂


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