The Sunday Musings – #2 – Remembrance

Well, based on the response I got for the first article of the series, I have had a confidence boost in pursuing it!
And so here I am ladies and ladies, with this week’s Sunday Musings

Week 8, 2015

This week brought with it some sweet moments and some bitter lessons. I suppose such a week should be remembered as a good week, for if moments and lessons are combined, what else is needed?

Wish it reaches the heart in the same way. The brain heart conflicts are such things, the more you think about them later, the more you laugh but in the present they just kill a part of you!


During the week, in one of the chats with a friend, “College” came up. And then the rush of memories. Those idiots, their talks, those smiles; those professors, their lectures, those classes; those buildings; the roads, the grounds and then Her – The moments, the memories, that life – All frozen happily, just the way they should be.

Moved by those chats, on Wednesday I went to IIT, and in the 45 minutes I was there, I absorbed in as much as I could, and I left, smiling!

It is remarkable how much strengths the moments of the halcyon days have! Every time you come near such a place, a part of you jumps back to life – The heart beats faster, the legs move quicker! And no matter whatever time can erode, those moments stay preserved, untouched!

If that took care of the moments, the lessons were a touch harsher. More so because I knew of the lessons before they could slap me and hence they felt worse!

I have believed in keeping my professional relations and personal relations separate. That is how it is! But being a novice still I didn’t realize when I allowed my heart to believe that my team-mates would actually stand for me when the time would come. I mean, having taken the bite for them so many times, it just became ‘expected‘. All I had requested on a day of sickness was a file to edit the data and send it back so that the work can be completed! What I got in return was a lesson on professionalism and ethics – One which I will never ever forget

The week afterwards has been better. Sometimes, spending sometime with few people just makes everything in the world look green! And though it hurts to go through the blue and the dark days, some people just make you forget all that in a blink of an eye. I may sound harsh, pessimistic in most of what I write, but trust me, I, just like many of you maybe, yearn for and live on the times like these. They are the optimism in me. They are what life is truly about!

And with these lines, another week draws to a close.


1. Understand the difference between friends and colleagues, don’t let them mix!

2. Hard decisions make the heart heavy, but that is their beauty!

3. Oh, this one is classy – “Zindagi can be Jhandwa, even though there might be no Ghamandwa!”

So amigos, chapter – 2 draws to a close. This time around, the emotions might not be that crisp, but I will try to improve as the journey goes on!

Have a great week all you great people! Grateful to you all for the time you take out for this. May God bless you!

PS: India won, Manchester United lost – Mixed week! 😀


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