The Sunday musings – #1 – The start

Well, I really don’t believe in counting or labeling my posts. But I will make an exception for a change.

I happened to read Sir Richard Branson’s blog while travelling via Delhi metro, returning from another stressful Sunday. Ironically the blog was about happiness and it described that how we as human beings should first “Be in the moment” and then focus on doing things and achieving tasks. I felt moved, inspired in a way to write again, after such a long gap. So here I am, inspired by an entrepreneur we all wish we can emulate someday, to try and start a new series which I will call as “The Sunday musings”

The Sunday musings” will be my effort to try and break the habit of not being able to write frequently and also to share my lessons (if any) from the week that just passed. I hope to be regular in this effort, and to have your support as a reader (I am already thankful if you have reached here)

Week 7, 2015

To many businesses and people luckily in love the week happens to be what is collectively known as the “Valentine’s week“. If you ask me, there is no better business model than to have an entire week of days randomly named by someone with an extremely far-sighted insight on how businesses can profit in the future. In the name of love, the florist profit, the confectioneries profit, the toy makers profit and of course, the condom manufacturers and the hoteliers profit! (Well, I am grateful that condom manufactures profit, our planet can hardly take more ass-holes)

I won’t shy away from admitting I haven’t had my share of spending on this week in years gone by, but this time around, the only money I spent was on Auto, beers, soft-drinks, and food! Talk about turning economical.

The week was sober by many standards. Office was hard on the head and the arse both. Sunday was intense and in the end had left a lingering sense of loneliness.

Well, I love to eat out, hang around, and chat with people. That is why I keep asking people if they will like to meet or not. Maybe I don’t really understand my image in their eyes or maybe I don’t understand that they don’t have as much as idle time as I have. Today wasn’t any different either. So when I had had couple of rejections – One for a meet-up and another for a Skype chat (Not rejections per say but lack of time being the reason) I guess I just had a part of myself laughing back at the remaining part. I wanted to sit and talk to a friend, to anyone over coffee, but I couldn’t. Ended up eating at KFC and returning home tired. As I write these words down, another week of my existence comes to an end.

The lessons of this week:

  1. Sometimes, it is OK to say NO! (Courtesy – someone in the office)
  2. Life doesn’t bring guarantees. But fighting on is all you can do to increase the chances!
  3. Nobody likes to drink coffee alone, but sometimes one really doesn’t have a choice. This is what we collectively call as life.

So, amigos, this was the start of The Sunday musings. I hope you enjoyed reading. I will appreciate your comments, your take on the idea.

Please do join me in this journey. Together I hope some good lessons await us.

Have a great week ahead and may God give happiness to you all.

PS: India defeated Pakistan today, again. So, something to cheer for!



8 thoughts on “The Sunday musings – #1 – The start

  1. Moved by this line, “Maybe I don’t really understand my image in their eyes or maybe I don’t understand that they don’t have as much as idle time as I have. Today wasn’t any different either.”
    It was Dominos for me, man. One can have good pizza alone, bas dominos wale accha pizza bnate toh! :/

    P. S. Categories “Senti” made me laugh so hard though. :p

  2. Your articles are too realistic ….. they almost relate to every individual ‘s life ….
    “Lesson of the week ” Best part of ur article 🙂

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