Jammu – The untold stories

Well, I’ll be true here. It gives me immense pain when people visit my city, and they leave back without the memories of some of the most beautiful creations in the world, the magnificent temples of Jammu city – Unique, spectacular and awe-inspiring in their own ways.

The temples actually contain centuries of history in them, along with scriptures that fill you with an amazement of how beautifully the stone has been carved and given the beautiful shape, and how much  realistic the entire thing becomes, so much so that those who witness them, feel the statues talking to them.

Yes, such is the grandeur of each and every single structure that the city houses at various junctures that those who see them once, do make sure that those who visit the city next experience the same.

Here, I will Love to just enlist some of the temples and mention few details, collected from my own experiences and from those around me, and from the ones documented on the web.

Ragunath Temple

It will remain unfortunate that many of our generation know this temple for all the wrong reasons. Still, it is one of the most beautiful temples you will ever get to see. Situated right in the heart of the city, the temple was built and completed in 19th century by the Dogra rulers of the city, and is dedicated to Lord Rama (an avatar of Lord Vishnu), who is the Patron deity of the Dogra’s – The Natives of Jammu.

The main Shrine Houses the statues of Ragunath ji, Sita ji and Lakshman ji, while there are surrounding temples which are dedicated to various deities. The temple also has an extremely large veranda where people walk, exploring the place, and enjoy the energy that the place houses.

In one of the temples, the crystal Shiva-lingam are just exquisite piece of a creation.

Even with all these security settings and restrictions in place, the zeal and the enthusiasm of the tourists and the locals is worth watching and appreciating.

Ranbireshwar Temple

The Ranbireshwar Temple is an important itinerary of the Jammu and Kashmir pilgrim tourism. The temple is situated on the Shalimar Road in the city of Jammu. Built in the 19th century, the magnificent temple is flanked throughout the year by the devotees who gather in large numbers to offer prayers to the reigning deity of the temple.


The temple was built by Maharaja Ranbir Singh who is one of the ancestors of the Dogra rulers of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is a part of the holy trinity of the Hindu mythology. The construction of the temple was completed in the year 1883. The premises of the temple are divided into two halls decorated by images of the gods Ganesha and Kartikeya. The idols of the faithful Nandi Bull is found in the temple. 1.25 lakh bona lingams of the Lord Shiva are placed in the two halls of the temple. The characteristic feature of the temple is the 7.5 feet tall Shiva lingam placed in the main sanctum of the temple. The main limgam rises in the center of the temple and is of black marbled stone. The temple also has 12 other lingams carved out of crystal ranging from 15 centimeters to 38 centimeters in height.

Trust me, it is the energy that the Temple fills you with that will leave you spell bound, and let you leave with memories that would last a lifetime. Inside the main sanctum, you will experience peace like never before. And what is best is the atmosphere there, just unforgettable.

Peer Kho Temple

Well, if you would ask me, I will not dwell much into its historical value or anything. For this temple will not require anything as such. It is a sheer joy, just going to the temple, walking from the house, through a small hilly path, then downhill and then till the temple. Once you reach the main cave where the Shiva Lingam is present, you can just get lost in the power of the place. The place can immerse you into brilliant thoughts and once out of it, you, for once can’t stop thinking about the entire experience. The cave leads to temple of nine goddesses, after which you can come out, and enjoy the view of river Tawi, as it flows by. 🙂

Bave Wali Mata

The temple of Kali Mata, in Bahu Fort, popularly known as Bave Wali Mata is another of the mystical places that leave you breathless in the city. Situated inside the Bahu Fort, the temple has a divine presence about it. Built in 1822, after coronation of Maharaja Gulab Singh, the temple is flocked by the locals on Tuesdays and Sundays and is considered my many as one of the most peaceful places in the city.

On a Sweeter note, if you happen to reach the temple on Tuesday or Sunday, the Parshad of Halwa is just Awesome! It is too good to resist and leaves a feeling of salvation! 😀


(To be continued)

I’ll End my Post here. For those who want to visit, if you reach these places, the other places, outside the city are not much hard. But be willing to go beyond the mountains, and see places which have History and culture associated with them.

Hope to see some of you visiting the city, visit these places. As a citizen of the land, I have felt amazed by the atmosphere around these places and I have full faith that so will you all. Good luck and God bless you.

As a Jammu guy will say – “Jai Mata Di!” 😀



8 thoughts on “Jammu – The untold stories

  1. Really awesome post! Indeed presents a different perspective! I still remember that during childhood, I have always heard that Jammu and Kashmir are really beautiful. Don’t know when and how the image knowingly or actually unknowingly changed to that of a debatable place. But this post surely refreshed the memories!!

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