Eat veg, beat lion

Over the past few years, having lost few, having gained some, fallen in and out of Love, having grown sick of myself, and of life, and having found it enchanting and mesmerizing again, there have been many lessons I have learnt. Some have been easy to understand, bring into my behavior, others have been hard, have taken time and then there are some which are yet making things difficult. They’ll come hopefully. One of the sweetest one of those lessons, not for its taste, but for its relevance has been, “Eat Veg, beat Lion” – courtesy of a very dear friend Soaham Sharma (Sharma Ji, I hope I make you read this which means I feel it is somewhat good enough :P). Just look around yourself, look into yourself, into your memories and you’ll see that it is one of those frequent things that have happened to you so many times over and over again. Times when you would have sacrificed your candy for someone else only to have seen the person choose his way when the time to repay came. You would have given up many joys and would have seen the expectations dashed by people close to you; some closer to your heart. But then, is it their fault? Not always is what I have learnt. Sometimes, but very rarely though, they are wrong, but in most of the cases they are right in their place. They never asked you to expect the same in return did they? Similarly the Lion never stops you from eating non-veg. food, but just because you eat vegetarian food you are wrong in asking the Lion to do the same. This is hard to digest and as my personal experience says, harder to inculcate. But honestly, this is the truth! Cribbing about others not having performed to your expectations just because you did something for them is wrong. I have learnt this the harder way. And I continue to learn, because, it is not easy and it requires time as well as maturity. It is but natural to expect and eventually but natural to be disappointed seeing those expectations being failed. But then who said Life is that fair? Sometimes you are on the receiving end and sometimes someone else is, because of you.

I was once told by a teacher,” Look Son, Nature always gives back to them who do without the thought of getting something back!” It so echoes with the above lines and I have tried to make sure that in majority of situations, I don’t crib now. Because whatever I do, I do not because others can imitate me, but because I love to do that! That makes me ME.

So next time, tell yourself that you will not crib if someone doesn’t do something the way you expected. Maybe it is not their way, or maybe they have failed to realize. Life will be much beautiful, trust me!

So – “Eat veg, beat Lion” 



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