Friends and acquaintances

“Have you heard of her name?”

“Yes, your best friend right?”

“Ghanta!” I said

And I continued, “There are no best friends. There are friends and there are acquaintances”


Well, it will be wrong to say that it didn’t surprise either of us in the conversation. It had to.

Though, still, it has been a culmination of recent events and years of expectations, the fulfilled ones and the broken ones, which leads to this (maybe) bizarre conclusion

So, why bother writing about it? (Another Kanav Mahajan classical)

I just wanted to reflect on the use of this term and maybe gather the memories of what it was and what it is now.


If I look back, there was person I used to share my seat with. So this guy was officially ‘Best-friend #1′. When I got selected in Bansal classes, I rubbed my arse off to get him inside as well. He got selected but his family didn’t send him to Kota, and his mother ensured my mother remained petrified for the next 18 months or so!

So when, later, I got through the college, comes a phone call

“Dude, you lied to me always!”

“About what?”

“You used to say you are not doing well in Bansal and that the place sucks! What is with the results?”

“Dude (Name changed, keeping in alignment of the post), keep the phone down.” (Phone gets cut and there it goes!)

Best friend #2 – Won’t say much here. I did my bit to ruin the things. Fell for her. Didn’t manage it better afterwards. Though, later, I tried, enough to make it right. But the ghost of the past always sticks. The relation has been damaged and it can never be the same. To an extent so much that had it been not for Instagram, Best friend #2 would have forgotten my birthday!

So, here, as much as I am to blame, point is, No best friend! Just friend!

Best friend #3

Not sure if to put the person in this category. Been more than good friends always. Felt we were best friends, flaunted the stupid tag around as well.

But when it came to things which Best friends share, or even good friends, or basically close friends, the trust factor was never there. Another one to have forgotten the birthday it seems!

Lesson: Be close friends, not best friends!


To sum up this absolute shame of an article, people will come and go in our lives, friends will be the same. Don’t fool yourself into believing best friends won’t. Because there are no best friends. There are only friends and acquaintances

So whatever relations you have, try to enjoy them without having to label them. This way someday, you actually may have close friends, true ones at that

And not be sitting on your laptop in the middle of the night, typing away disgracefully an article which won’t be read by double-digit number of people wondering, “Why did I never have friends, and a life?”



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