What do I do when I become unemployed?


This checklist provided by Professor Paul Borkowski is a great way to stay on top of your game when you become unemployed!

Need a Job sign being held by a person

Daily Regimentation for newly unemployed;
1) Wake-up the same time as if you had to go to work.
By doing this, you remain disciplined and more ready to take that new job when it is offered. Maintaining the same personal regimentation as when one was working will assist in preventing a loss of purpose.

2) From 9am to 5pm consider yourself “on the job” and that “job” is finding a job.
Businesses tend to be open from 9am to 5pm in general. Human Resources personnel are also available during these hours. This is the ideal time window to field phone calls, send out resumes and follow-up on job leads.

3) Recreate and socialize after 5pm. 
If recreation and socializing leads to networking and networking leads to job opportunities…

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