In words, In thoughts

Well, I started writing post on my cell-phone when disastrously I closed the application without saving the draft of the first two paragraphs. What to do, shit happens I guess, every day, almost!  And if I fail to make any sense, apologies.

Anyways, I was going through Juan Mata‘s post when I felt the urge to write today. I mean, how many times do you come across someone’s writings and wonder  how people find time out of their incredibly busy lives to write something so sweet that it makes you gaze in amaze at the sheer humility that flows in the lines, like flowing pearls in a string – Almost effortlessly!

And what is more amazing is the fact that he writes every week irrespective of Manchester United winning or losing. In both situations, he is optimistic, full of appreciation and looks forward to the next match. That is someone whom you admire truly!

Inspired enough, this post is my take on all the times I have taken to writing.

I am thankful to have had so many wonderful people in my life who have, from time to time been my source of light, my source of inspiration. I was inspired by one such friend when I started down this line on this blog. A friend whom I have always admired, be it secretly or wide openly and someone who I feel in many aspects of life is second to none. The blog was my try to bring the joys of knowing her flow into words. Unfortunately I will never know how she felt reading because of situations, but yeah, the sheer joy of trying to stitch strings together and make the reader come as close as possible in feeling what I felt, in looking at her the way I looked at was one to cherish.

Writing, as she would one day write was the source of freeing the soul and letting it soar as high as it wanted to.  And it still continues to be. But as is with life, your writing goes through its patches. There came a period when I would write and never know from anyone if I had done well or not and eventually, the pen stopped scribbling, the ink stopped flowing. And then, the night gave way to the day. The old inspiration, still young, still beautiful came back and I have ever since been writing happily.


Sometimes, your writings leave impacts on people who spare time for them. I know some I have read have done so. And I look forward to being impacted and impacting further.

To me, at this moment, this post kind of makes no sense. But then, everything, every time doesn’t need to make sense. That is the joy of living and the joy of writing. You don’t need to make sense all the time, people will relate to it and while going through these lines will smile, maybe! 😛 (I sure did!)


So, here’s to the joy of being inspired, being high, being low, being fast, being slow, being deep, being shallow, writing with reasons and writing with reasons one will never know! 🙂

What are you waiting for? The entire world is your diary, scribble in it with the ink of your thoughts!

God bless



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