Value it

It is a funny thing we have so much love for life yet we never value it to the utmost, value it to the extent it deserves. Not just of people who maybe throw their life on us (in a way we definitely don’t value theirs 😐 :P)  but even our own.
And then come certain moments in life which changes the perception forever. Moments which sometimes leave with a void which cannot ever be filled, and if we are really lucky with that one last chance. And if that chance does arrive, oh boy must it be held on like anything and taken, grabbed with not just both hands but with a whole-hearted embrace.
Imagine being in the shoes of the person who told his wife that she doesn’t have sense of dressing to which the reply was,” You will know my value when I am gone” on 26th November, 2008 in a hotel by the name of the Taj, in the city of Mumbai. Imagine it because those were the last lines his wife spoke to him. Imagine how he must wish for that one chance to redeem his life, to tell his wife that despite everything bad he might have said how much she had meant to him. Just Imagine!

Life is a very dear thing. It is priceless and cannot be replaced. So can’t the people who play a vital part in making what it is. Don’t live in the mood of always complaining about them. There are already many people doing it to them. Be the brightness in the lives of the people who are your friends, be the brightness in the lives of your family who love you more than anyone else ever can. Tell them that how beautiful they make this world. Accept their little flaws, appreciate the little good things they do. Make them feel valued, make them feel happy. Take time out for listening to what they have to say. Even if they are going hot at you, try being the calming effect. You will change lives of many that way.
Everyone is busy with their lives, take some minutes out if your busy schedule to remember them, to make them feel that they haven’t been forgotten. You always can choose to be part of the cycle of positivity, or of negativity or of indifference. Try to choose the one that makes this world a better place to breathe in.
I am being way too optimistic or maybe way too demanding as well. A friend told me yesterday that her dad told her that how will she know if she could have won or not without ever running in the race? These are one of the best lines I have ever heard from someone (and that too in such a sweet voice 😉 😀 ). The point I’m trying to make is that try to be the difference in at least one life before you give in. Don’t wait for life to teach you its value, it might be too late.

I was remembering how I had survived a turtling of my auto once, with just torn clothes, broken spectacles and some bruises. In that tiny moment when I had seen the other vehicle approach into that collision I felt everything slow and so many things cross my mind. Though I did get away cheap, I know I could have paid a bigger price. And today remembering it I realize how many things, some small enough to be blatantly ignored changed. I maybe learned the lesson over a really long period of time. But I have. And I wish anyone who comes across these lines understands that too.

Forgiveness and seeking forgiveness both require a lot of heart, a lot of guts. Be brave! Be someone whom the reflection in the mirror wants to hug!
Life will always have some disappointments, some achievements. Learn from both! Cherish the flaws in yourself, don’t be proud of them, try to improve where you can but don’t be over critical and that too all the time. Life is a very sweet journey. Try not reducing the sugar. And if possible, share as much sweetness as you can! There is a lot of bitterness all around. Don’t follow the trend, set one!

Live it, love it
And yes, value it!


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