1.Recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something.

This is one of the definitions of the word ‘Appreciation’ from the dictionary. And as much as you might have missed, it will be the best thing that someone can do to you or you can do for someone – Appreciate!

We all have been brought up  having being constantly reminded of areas we need to sweep, holes we need to plug, gaps we need to close. And that too with a relatively higher frequency when compared to the times we have been appreciated. Somehow, it is not always the same. When we were kids, many acts got appreciated and hence we knew that they were the things people liked and hence the acts would be remembered and repeated. Somewhere down this line, appreciation decreased and criticism and tighter scrutiny increased.

Probably as grownups the right acts were a thing taken for granted and every small mistake was amplified and specifically pointed out. Soon, we had lost that love for appreciation, even having stopped appreciating man a things ourselves and always having our guard high against any criticism our actions may invite.

Guess there is a little change needed to this. Some criticism is always welcomed, if you ask me. Because it makes us aware of many things about us it cannot be done away with. What we can really do is bring a little more appreciation into our lives and the lives of people around us.

They are not perfect, but then we are also flawed. And hence if we can encourage ourselves to stand up again, we should encourage others for that as well. They will ‘appreciate’ the ‘appreciation’

I started this blog 5 years back. And if you ask me, the only thing that has me going all these years has been the encouragement and the appreciation which I have received from all those who have taken out time to go through the posts, rectify the errors and given me very kind words to live with. Today, I want to say ‘Thank You’ to every one of you who have helped me keep the spark alive.

So, if you want to take one lesson out my writings, let it be this – Do point out the flaws, but appreciate everything good about people. Let them know that they are doing something good, something great, and something which can make this world better, even if negligibly so. You never know, you might just be helping someone keep a dying flame alive which tomorrow may lighten up the world itself.

Thank you and God bless you 🙂

PS: If you want still more, just imagine yourself learning to cycle in a zone full of people. Your father, mother or anyone who is teaching you is assisting with it. Imagine the difference their claps, their words of appreciation will make to the lesson. Imagine how much easier it will be to get up after falling time and again and how much joyful it will be to have them clap when you will have finally mastered the riding of the cycle. Imagine and you will have the answer. 🙂


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