Let lightness take over

I had tried to write for a while now. But somehow things weren’t just clicking the way they should have. I would start and eventually save another one in the list of the ever piling, incomplete drafts. More like – Not able to find the right combination of the engine and the fuel.

But I guess that is what getting light makes you achieve. It clears all the haze that surrounds your vision and it helps you to see better, to see clear. And above all and the most importantly it simply makes you lighter!

So, what is the new storm building inside my heart which I wanted to write about? Answer is many actually, not just one. Maybe the one to be mentioned here is more important than the others but not the only one. And probably all the hurdles, stoppages, hiccups were emanating from this one core

How often in life we waste away our time pursuing the wrong things, the not right people and end up rendered as broken upon realizing the magnitude to which we have screwed, literally. And then starts the blame game, to find the culprit, to find someone, something to put the blame onĀ and if no one is there, take everything upon our own-self, just to shift the burden. But does it ever help, in its true sense? Maybe, maybe not. I, for once chose to go with the later.

Where does this support for the latter drive from? I am not sure.. But then, there is this realization that loving someone never ever means getting loved back, even if you are in a relationship or simply put, trying to be in one. You can perfectly love someone, and live with it.. Why to make things complicated by striving for more and eventually ending up losing everything?

So, though I will never agree to the lines, “If you love someone, set them free……” but I will agree to the fact that Love as the most pristine feeling should not be polluted by the complexities and the formalities that come many a times with a relationship. So, if things don’t work out, but you still love the person, live like that, live with it inside you, given it doesn’t impact you mentally (And of course physically)

I will completely agree that it is almost impossible to manage this without its set of pains. It will hurt a little, maybe more, always, but then it spares the pain, the turmoil and the guilt of destroying something Beautiful, something divine.

Live the relation in your heart, and keep spreading the warmth, goodness is a rare and welcome trait.
And if someday, you feel it is impossible to sustain further, at least you will know that you tried instead of just escaping away. Your heart will allow you to rest peacefully that night and further on.

So, love, live and focus.

God Bless Us, all!

PS: Getting lighter doesn’t make you see clearer, if you are wearing SPECTACLES!


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