At the Bus Stand

I would have preferred having written this in my diary, but then, something brought me here and so here it goes. This will be one of those posts which the title probably won’t be able to justify, Probably! So without further ado,

In the evening I had gone over to the IFFCO chowk bus stand to collect few guests. Unfortunately, the bus got delayed and hence I had a 45-minute wait waiting for me. I couldn’t stand the wait and decided to walk to the nearest mall and have a small bite. And in that moment things cleared up so much!

“In life, we can only wait up to a certain time, certain limit. Beyond that life is best in its dynamic form, it the movement and definitely not in standing ground and clinging  the zone of comfort”

I am not sure if I will actually be able to follow this by my heart – but in the moment, I feel it will be best to take the lesson and incorporate it in the lifestyle. No change is easy, some are truly hard and the cusp of which I stand now might just be the hardest and maybe one of the most decisive ones of my life. Not to say that it has sprung up all of a sudden, but eventually, the patience has run out and holding the change back feels harder by every passing moment

And without no doubt, the past will be missed, hands down! Period

Life was strange in those days,

and in came you, in came life truly,

the clouds cleared,

giving way to sun rays

Now, the chapter seems to have entered its last pages,

the smile has been taken away,

there has been no talk,

for a period that seems like ages.

But it is not that it will be so easily forgotten,

the past and its glories,

they will be always cherished

and your memories,

they will always be relished

And in reminiscence of those days, you will be missed.

In the tunes of all those songs

which I wished to you I could sing,

and in the tones of all the times

I wished my phone would ring,

you will be missed.

Not that it hadn’t happened before,

but this time, I will ensure that it won’t happen anymore

For despite all joys, in this moment it is only pain

though it is not a transaction,

yet there is all loss and absolutely no gain

And in all those times

when the rains will tender my lips with their softness

I will miss your touch,

I will miss your eyes, I will miss your voice

and in every moment my heart will beat,

I will miss loving you,

I will miss being with you, seeing you, holding you

I will miss you!

Probably the last time the lines will flow like this, Probably!

I had once believed in the saying,” It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all”

God, I will stick to this line still. For no matter how much the pain, the journey was worth it. And it will always stay one to remember. Maybe tomorrow things might improve. But one has to accept the reality. Life is not always fair, not to everyone at the least. But then, that is life for you.

And like at the Bus Stand, you can only wait till you are not tired, after that, You have to move on!


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