A welcome change

Well, this is one of those posts I have waited to pen down, reasons may have to wait before being splashed out 😉 The point is that sometimes you have to let life take its own course, might be harder in the shorter run, but eventually something for the good in the longer run and when you look back and see it paying off, nothing beats the feeling! Only today I came across this French word – Retrouvaille which means – “The joy of reuniting with someone after a long separation.”1888486_413137598822082_2008782825_n Bless me, I have realized what kind of joy it is. Sometimes, we don’t value friendships and other relations enough or probably let ego creep in too much to make substantial and almost irreparable damage to them and by the time we realize this, it is already too late. Or so we feel, probably! And hence most of the times, with a combined feelings of ego, pride and *Gulp* Guilt we just never connect. We never take the chance, because somewhere deep inside we fear rejection, and why not should we fear, for we would have probably done the same had the other one taken that plunge. So, guilt and ego win, a beautiful relation or once beautiful relation loses. And this phenomenon tends to repeat so many times in our lives that the score stands

Guilt+Ego: 1 ; Relations: 0

You know what, speaking from this one time (and speaking for many other attempts which probably didn’t materialize) Feel proud of yourself if you ever take the plunge (even after complicating the matters further by first rejecting the other person doing the same) for that might be  that one thing which you would have done right and you may never know, it just might help save one beautiful relation, help you get back a long-lost friend and with it so many good things which life never brought back again.

And so goes the lines

What happened back then probably happened for a reason

For good or for bad, we may never know,

But it was harsh coldness just at the start of the Cold Season

Things only went from bad to worse

Apologies from one failed

And eventually things ended

With some sweet words of Curse!

Years ahead, almost two and a half

Came the right step

With an air of innocence

Resembling the glow in the eyes of a cow’s sweet calf

But did it come too late?

There was no way to tell

And hence with acceptance for lay ahead

The friends came together, leaving the rest to fate

And then life played its cards

Too soon to judge

But the change and improvement

Is too good to ignore and say,” let it pass.”

And why to let it pass,

For admirably some relations are special,

And they stay the same

For they aren’t like the usual mass

And so my friend, here is to you

It is not only good to have you back,

It is great,

With an appreciation like none

For a lesson has been learnt, on what life used to lack!

Hoping that maturity that the years have brought

Will help both grow and will let the friendship flourish

And though it may be too soon to judge

Yet the maturity shall make sure that together the relation they can nourish!

 It is really good to have you back, and though the words might not fall well into place, I know the feelings have already been conveyed.

Welcome back AP

PS: Since the origin of this blog, I could never share a link with you, here comes “A Welcome Change



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