The Start of the End

The space in which I have started writing this post poses a question before me,”What is on your mind?”
Answer: A lot of things.

In 2010, came a time when a story book ended with so much yet to write in , giving way to a new beginning. But the book deserved a better end, which unfortunately was not to be and even if there has been some revival, those words are gone, and with them the people – The speaker and the listener.

For sometime, everything seemed to have been moving in the right direction till the bearings came undone and the wagon crashed to the ground, not that it wasn’t seen coming. Now with nothing left to speak, it is the end of another story, but this time with a promise of no more misery, no more pain. Sometimes you have to accept the reality, instead of fighting against it. It makes the pain feel a little less. There was life before all this and there will be life, after all this.

The following lines sum it up:

Broken and lonely,

Into the infinity the wanderer goes,

What fate holds in store for him?

No one knows!

The maverick is left with nothing,

His heart talks now of only fear,

And everything good, once a habit

Is now a luxury rare!

Filled with uncertainty,

And a bitter remorse,

Into the infinity, the wanderer goes.

Where? Well no one knows.

It is in these times,

One feels impossible to stay true

When everything bright has turned dark,

Overcome by emotions blue.

Now he trusts none,

Having been countlessly undone,

No one is a friend, all of them being foes,

He can be seen fading into the abysmal infinity,

To a place no one knows!

And as fate always loves to play with people,

Rendering them without any feel,

In situations which don’t feel like real

But soon, there will not be a trace of him.

Neither here nor there,

For his life, marked by the tag “Use and Throw”

Descends into infinity,

Leading him to a place called nowhere!

But then again, no complaints, for ‘One gets what One deserves’, or so somebody once said!

God bless you, and the ones you care for. 🙂



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