The Song will end, but the Melody shall linger on

The Song will end, but the melody will linger on

The ride won’t always be smooth,

There will be wounds,

From the moments,

Which will take their time to heal and sooth.

But the essence will forever stay,

True feelings can never be gone,

Even after the song will end,

The melody will linger on.

There will be occasions when you will be rude,

You will be bad,

Your actions will be crude,

Recover fast,

Get back to being yourself soon,

For those who value relations more,

Have an unseen divine boon.

Forgive , but  do not forget

Live on, learn from the events,

Use the experience,

And there will not be any regret,

Yes, this I bet.

For it will be better to bend,

Than to break,

If, to the beautiful mornings,

You want to sit awake,

Just remember how to give,

Without the desire to take,

For this is how the feelings will stay fresh,

Even when the times will be gone,

The song will end,

Yet the melody will Linger on!

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