Tales of sleepless nights

If I am able to type this one down it will bring to your notice that I have written it because of what the title speaks – Sleepless Nights

I have always been an active kind of a person, running here and there, getting myself into shit and then pulling myself out. Invariably, because of such activities, I used to be quite drained at the end of the day to do anything but sleep.

Things have changed though, for now, I lay and lay in my bed, unable to sleep, with thoughts, years and decades old, bombarding me, and the worst part of it is that I have no one to talk to, no one to share with the feelings that have been pent-up inside for a while.

With college due to resume in a month I know the routine will return, but as of now things stand, the clouds are quiet dark.

What makes the situation more annoying is that there hardly anything to do, with Facebook becoming silent in the nights and eventually everything seems boring. You can’t read news too much, you can’t just doze off!

Even at this moment, I’m sleepy, but no sooner will I shut down the laptop, I’ll find it hard to sleep.

The entire day, the gone by weeks, they all start coming back in a flurry of waves. Most of them with their regular regrets, for actions which could have been and should have been avoided. And then you feel why things happen like that, if the remorse and regret is so much so. Why aren’t the actions avoidable?

Add it to the growling of the dogs, and a weird new sound I have been hearing, right at this moment even to make things a little more difficult. Even football seems annoying.

Rather, I know I have written a very shit piece of a blog at the moment, but this simply sums up my state.

Helpless, wanting to talk. Looking for someone, writing the tales of sleepless nights!



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