Progressing, well for sure !

Progressing, well for sure!

Don’t ask the reason for the sarcasm in the title (if you got it by the way!), for it is the accumulation of experiences of a decade worth of breathing, eating, excreting( and other activities which term me as a living being and a human) which has brought this out from me. We have all but lost the essence of being a human haven’t we! We no longer breathe pure air, no longer eat healthy stuff and well, I will not go into details of excretion! And then we feel we are progressing right!

Multiple electricity run vehicles have come out in the market, which run under the label of Eco-mobility. But have we ever asked ourselves where the electricity comes from? Why would we, for we hardly have time for sitting down and observing. We all are running in a mouse race and hardly sit to think we why are doing so. The eternal fantasy of working in our primes, giving up our present to serve the cause of a glamorous future (which may actually never exist) has filled us with unimaginable delusions. We have lost faith, patience, and all other qualities which brilliantly segregated us from other species. The cycle of evolution seems to have suddenly rotating anti-clockwise. Cell phones, laptops, I-gadgets have become inseparable parts of our existence, with hardly any other time for fellow humans (leave alone the endangered flora and fauna). The dream of urbanization seems to have become the sole aim and people are no longer bothered whom they have to push aside to achieve it. Our family, our friends, they don’t seem to exist in our priorities. The famous saying that we have been all the way to the moon and back yet we haven’t had a chance to visit the neighbor next door seems to unarguably true!

T.V. serials attract us but the actual reality seems pathetic and boring. The health facilities have grown linearly but the diseases and the numbers of patients have multiplied exponentially. We have fiddled with nature, crushed it but have failed to realize that the loss is all ours.

Though some are starting to realize the importance, but there number is like an atom in a mole of substance. It is high time that we start accepting that we have lost our ways, for the conscience –though soft spoken, demands to be heard. Get out and live the reality. Social networking, socializing for the sake of doing it won’t get you anywhere. Dive deep and ask yourself, and you’ll only then know that how much we have developed, you have developed and how much we have progressed!

God Bless you all!



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