Deep into the mirror !

Many a times Life, does come to a stand still,when everything you loved, cared for, starts going against you,when all your good efforts count to nothing and all the bad ones( no matter how less,how little) overshadow everything else. When it is like you against the rest of the world, with every effort you put in of recollecting the shattered pieces proving futile. 

And your mind wanders to all those dimensions it had feared, it had long forgotten. And even the guy in  the mirror, who appears whenever you stand in front can’t resist laughing at you, for from a glorious past, you have fallen to the depths unexplored!

And then you can’t stop helping the bastard can you. For even though he is mocking you, but he is correct. You have ended up failing yourself. You have reached a state of what could have been and what is!

So where do you go from there? 

You supports have turned against you, those who loved now hate. 

And so where do you seek the answers from?

For deep into the mirror, rests the guy who’ll remind you of how far who have fallen, of the days when the sun shone brightly , when the rain was a joy, when every word was beautiful, every talk sense making and every step taken by heart!

and All you’ll have will be the shallowness of your reality , of your existence- confused, battered, bruised !


– Forgive me for not writing up to the standards I had set, for the days were different, these are not!


One thought on “Deep into the mirror !

  1. May be you shouldn’t bother about people. Or may be you should be asking yourself if their hate is really worthy. Life is filled with ups and downs but every turmoil, every turn makes you a better person. If you look at it closely, you are not the person you were even two weeks back. And looking back makes you laugh. Let the person in the mirror laugh at you as you’ll be laughing back at him in future.
    I like this post. Especially the flow and style of writing.
    Keep writing. 🙂

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