Walks with Niku

Haha, before I begin, let me tell my dear reader that as of Now My sweet Niku doesn’t even  know she has this name.. ( cool way of surprising her, right? )

So, Niku right? Oh yeah, well, since I’m jotting this down only for her , I won’t tell how I met her ( though I remember being equally animated as ever on our first meeting) in first place.It is how things have proceeded afterward that kinda matter.

Just that one fine evening after the exams (oops, was around midnight, so you make that evening ‘night’- I’m feeling touch too cozy and lazy to make that change. 😉 ) that five of us decided to go to the Fast-trax aka  FX to get something for the empty vessels of ours, and as usual, waiting in the line, talking to someone standing there, I just saw Niku ji, sitting on the table just in front, with her friends ( probably waiting for her order to come, just like so many others there) and so I just waved to her, when I thought that she was looking at me.

No response.

No Problems, I just gave my head a 90 degree rotation to both the sides , just to make sure no one had notices, and again, just like the Missile Lock in the PC Game HAWKS , I again sent a Wave .

No response again. Again I repeated the same act as I had done after the previous ‘No response’.

Then I resorted to , what should I say- Umm, weapon-X. I Brought out My weapon ( My Cell phone 😛 ) and Loaded and Fired a Missile( an s.m.s.  😛 😛 ) and in a fraction of secs , I sent a Roar( inside my head only :p ) , ” Bull’s EYE !! ”

What I had actually written in the message was that,” Hey, standing in front of You, waved Twice!”

and so, Mission accomplished, attention gained, Objective attained! 😀

Outcomes of that small chat were, one I had a chat with Niku, after , what should I say- AGES!, and that Niku was smiling, as ever, and that Her eyes were Red!

For that Red Thing- I thought, Must be weather, or must be cause of sleeplessness.

Turns out, it is everyone’s favorite subject – our very own MAL ( aka mathematics), that is the cause of the coloring effects!

So, just offering her the usual condolence as I have been offering to myself over the past year and a half, I signed off the night.

Next evening, I received my own set of jolts, and my first reaction was , No dinner Tonight! ( as if that would’ve brought back my grades) but then, out of nowhere comes the thought, lets ask Niku if she’ll like to go out for dinner, just to change the mood a bit.( To be a bit more frank, it was Like, that both had the same feeling, so I thought would be nice to go, and change the mood! )

So I call her Up, and Niku ji agrees to give me company.. Yay Yay ! So, the events that follow is, we two reach that eating point, have dinner, then Ice Cream shake, and we are back! ( wow 2 hours in two lines, not bad! )

But the fun part began after that ! 🙂

After we came back to the campus, Niku and I Just went for a Little walk ( waise Niku, shouldn’t I mention that Little in Capital letters?  LoL :p )

and so began the walks with Niku..

First one , was I guess the shorter One, till 11:30 only, the rest were full of stories, and the chill of the winter, and of coffee cups of Nescafe , Muffins, then a Tuesday dinner at Fast-trax and a touch more- every one of those walks special, every one of those amazing.

Man, the entire boredom, used to get washed away,

Those  talks,

and the lovely walks,

used to make my Day!

( Niku, You wanna sing the same? 😛 )

and so concludes my small surprise.

What say Niku?


– just a little token of appreciation for Niku. 🙂

P.S.: Oh, yeah , my curious reader, sorry, But it’s just between me & Niku . 😛


3 thoughts on “Walks with Niku

  1. Dunno wat 2 say….enjoyed a lot readin it….*ecstatic*…
    ….was simply awesome!!!….
    n yeah…v ll sing dat song 4 sure….:)….
    ….missed those walks while readin each line….
    thnx 4 the lovely name!!!…:D….

  2. Haha, Thanks Nika… 🙂 just the way some friends make me feel! Everyone of these special! 🙂
    keep reading
    Hope to get you even better stuff… 🙂
    Have a nice day. 🙂

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