Every Story that begins, Ends!

Yes, that line,

yes , it’ll probably be

the last bullet

in my spine!

because this relation

yes, it has lived its maximum,

Now is, its turn to die

and Now,

is my turn to shut up,

to say Good-Bye!

because, every story

that begins

does end,

and every stick is certain to break

if beyond a limit

it is made to bend!

Today, I don’t know

who is to blame

cause, at the end,

it is me who stands defeated

in this Game!

So now I feel

that it is time

to get a move on,

because my heart has now

ran out of fuel,

and the fire, will only

burn the wick

If I stand my ground

If I decide to stick!

and every stick,

for sure breaks

when it is unable to take

any further bend

and every story once begun

without any doubt,

has to end!

-people will love to know how You felt about this one

regards -KM

written while watching Spectrum @ Rendezvous 2010@ IIT Delhi….


8 thoughts on “Every Story that begins, Ends!

  1. @the literature part of it- nice style.the breaks are good.
    @the E.Q. part of it- when one door closes another one opens. so start a new story and let it end, but the end doesn’t have to be sad (or like a bullet in the spine).

  2. agree..!! every relation ends one day..bt d frenshp remains forver!!
    so if u want to preserve a ‘relation’ convert it into frenshp…
    i hav learnt dis damn stuff from whole lot of experience in my life..!!

  3. Relationships are prolly the most complex things designed n devised by man !
    It’s hard to understand, I fail in this aspect badly so can easily identify with your poem..
    I for one feel, our life chooses for itself what is needed for us..
    If we lose a person as a friend, as a well-wisher, it’s probably for the best.. It’s very unrealistic though.. Losses do make us unhappy, our hearts sad, but there’s always a new beginning waiting for us around the corner…
    Whatever happens, DOES happen for a reason.. our job is to let go rather than boggling our minds looking out for reasons…
    If destined, it will come back.. If it doesnt, prolly it was never meant for us !
    So chuck all your worries n live in the moment !
    Theres one hell of a time waiting for you ahead !
    Loved the poem (needless to say) !
    Cheers !!!

  4. Hmm, Yaar, actually, i’ve recently realised, Life is one sweet little simple thing, juts that we keep complicating it beyond ourselves,
    but seriously, no regrets for what I did, just because, our decisions, need our support, once taken, and they command respect ! and man, wrong decisions teach us a lot! and its good to meet wrong ppl, and then learn frm the mistakes, then finally how to chuk them out!
    cause thats how life can be simplified…:)
    thank U for another one of those wonderous comments…:)
    keep visiting
    My best Bloggie.. 😛

  5. If I just talk about about the way it is written…I must say It is very good…..the way it is scripted , it surely for once gives u goosebumps……lots of intensity,sadness n most of all anger ………great writing dude…..:-)

    Coming back to theme….Friendship is not a story neither a game …its nothing btr than a beautiful relation which you cherished once……..
    stories end friendship never.( trust me on this)……
    Why don’t you remember the beautiful time u people spent together…those beautiful long talks, care ,etc…….
    never dump those just because of lil splits between each oders……( no offence…its purely my side )……

    take care buddy…..
    keep writing…:-)

    1. :), I Know Nika, The memories I’ll always cherish, always hold on as close anything! Cause, There is Only One first Time, rest is Life!
      as For friendship, well , Yes, It just won’t ever end!
      But again, sometimes, or rather everytime- your decisions are your babies, You have to stand by them, and I don’t say Its easy! No way, You feel like peeling of Your flesh! But thats what separates people… And as You said…Change is important! 🙂
      anyways, thanks for visiting! ( & I know the emotional quotient of this one ain’t much good, imagine my condition while I wrote, with all My past besides me! )
      Tc dear
      God Bless

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