“Like the Sunshine”

“Like the Sunshine”- an ode to a special Friend!

Have you ever thought,

what it is to have found

someone, a Friend,

as good as a person

could have ever Sought.


One who makes the life  so easy,

and prevents a person’s thoughts

from drifting into a Sad rewind

in this world So Busy!!


Well, Yes, I know how it is,

because, I have felt it and

I have lived It

and so lets take this time

to celebrate that Friend


and hence these Lines to her

one with whom

the relation is so Divine

and someone,

whose face carries a distinct Aura,

and with it a tender Smile,

” Like the Sunshine”




-With all The blessings one can seek For someone

This small poem To You

Wishing You a great moment

Have a Great day, and an even better Life

God Bless


-written  for Vaibhaw Chaturvedy, for he wanted to gift it to someone!


2 thoughts on ““Like the Sunshine”

  1. This is really gud one…..one should actually thank our frns…frns who make our life sooo simple and lovable…!!!! gud work kanav…..!!!!!

  2. FRIENDS !!! I cant imagine my life without those stupid people around me.. Had I written this poem I would have to substitute every “person” with “group” or else I would have to write one for each of them.. 🙂
    Very catchy.. loved it totally ! 🙂
    Keep up the great work !!!

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